Is Multichannel Ecommerce is Best to Yield Revenue from Impulse Shopping?

Is Multichannel Ecommerce is Best to Yield Revenue from Impulse Shopping? - GoWebBaby.Com

According to the latest developments in the ecommerce arena, it's said that impulse buying is a potential revenue generator for businesses and can shoot up the revenue figures to a good extent. Needless to say that the key market players had already sensed this coming and customized their market presence in a way to entrap the impulse of customers and make money out of it. Leading online channels such as Amazon, Flipkart, paytm, etc. have all set up special campaigns that take products to a customer instead of a customer trying to find it. The results are quite clear. Flipkart, a billion dollar ecommerce set up which started business with just books claimed to reach their break-even point in the 2nd quarter of the 2014-15 financial year. A chunk of their revenue has come from impulse selling, they believe. It's all about showing the right product to the right customer to make them buy from you.

Understanding Multichannel Ecommerce

In order to understand this, one should first understand the cardinal concept of multichannel ecommerce solution. So, how exactly does it suffice your task? Well, the answer is simple, a multichannel ecommerce platform works to increase your product's visibility and create an online buzz.

How is the Buzz Created?

It's pretty simple actually to create a buzz. One just needs to capitalize on the recent trends. Cashing on Facebook and Twitter is certainly an effective way. In order to cash in on the impulse of a shopper, an engaging Facebook page, from where they can buy directly can be very useful. That will not only create a buzz but also boost the salability quotient.  

How Will it Help in Fetching Money from Impulse Shoppers?

Getting your product on as many platforms possible will certainly help in grabbing eyeballs. The biggest challenge in today's world is competition. And with each day, the level of competition will only increase. So, before your product loses track, leverage the web presence by putting them up on various customer touch points. So, the more a customer sees a product listed on various touch points, the chances of him buying it will go up. Hence, it can be concluded that a multichannel ecommerce solution is certainly the best way to capitalize on the impulse nature of shoppers. Moreover, experts also believe that, the more a customer finds a particular brand of product on various selling points, the more he trusts the brand.