11 Ways to Use Content to Get More Sales & Traffic

11 Ways to Use Content to Get More Sales & Traffic - GoWebBaby.Com

Do you wish to generate countless long-term and viable traffic without spending a lot of money? Well if so, then content marketing is the way to go.

Content marketing supports every part of the marketing mix and it will be key driver of demand generation in 2016. “Content” can do much more than build brand awareness as; it draws attention, builds ultimately and trust and creates new customers.

Here, you see how content marketing help you get more sales:-

1) Helps Your Search Engine Rankings

More content you produce, better search engine rankings you will see. Yes, we are talking SEO. With more content you have, the more keywords you have to be found for. This contains the trendy long-tail keywords. Great content also boosts your odds of being linked to from other real sites and blogs. This is what we call acquired or earned links. It's a vital factor to your SEO results.

2) Fuels Your Social Media Strategy

If you don’t have content, then you do not have anything to share on social media platforms. That's a loss. You need a vigorous and updated social media strategy. Content can aid you reach the right audiences on social media. Without it, you are just shooting blanks.

3) Gives You Something to Share

Sharing is what social media is built upon. When you have quality content, you always have something to share. In addition, you are driving traffic back to your website or owned properties which can assist you boost brand authority and traffic.

4) Adds Value to Your Customers, Clients & Prospects

This is pretty easy. Content is a value scheme for your business. It facilitates you to provide something away for free and show them that you know what you are talking about. It's a win.

5) Turn a Lost Opportunity into a Sale

I love content for sales. Ever had a lost opportunity? Someone who just didn't turn into a sale? Content can change that for you. By sharing a great piece of content even after the vista said no, you can reel them back in. Just make certain the content relates to them.

6) Moves Your Prospects through the Sales Funnel

Do you know how social selling funnel looks like? Or what about you’re content marketing funnel looks like? What about your social media content funnel? Your funnels depend on content to move them to the next step and take action.

7) Helps You Generate More Leads

Every small business needs leads, sales and traffic. Content can aid you generate more leads by speaking straight to your customer. By making use of landing pages efficiently you can upsurge your leads around specific keywords. That makes them even more qualified.

8) Helps You Engage Your Audience

They are following you or subscribed, now what? You need to keep engaging them by sharing and staying on their radar. The more significant your content is and the more involved you are, the more engaged your prospects and customers will be.

9) Bring You New & Returning Traffic

Only have a home page, most people are not going to return to your website. What's new? Nothing. With fresh and updated content on your website you always have something new to share. That means more repeat visitors and more traffic.

10) Bridges the Gap Between Online & Offline

What you say offline and online should be reliable. Content gives you the capability to take what you do and say offline and bring it online.

11) Increases Brand Authority & Awareness

The more you create and share the more people you will get ahead of. Talk like you know what you are talking about and your authority will increase automatically. Keep it up and you have got something good to work with.

How We Can Help you?

Content is everything in marketing and sales. Gowebbaby is a team of specialists who creating content marketing and SEO that communicates ideas and builds brands. To learn more about how we can help you, take a look at the services we offer.

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