3 new ecommerce strategies for driving web traffic to your ecommerce website

Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click adwords, Content Marketing and online advertisement are commonly used marketing strategies. All of them are effectively driving web traffic to ecommerce websites but is it enough?
driving web traffic to your ecommerce website
No. It is never enough in ecommerce dynamic environment you have to work every day to be better. Here are the THREE secret ecommerce marketing strategies which are tested for driving web traffic to your ecommerce website and boosting their ecommerce conversion rate: Related: Top 5 problems in your eCommerce store hacking your profits

Mobility approaching – Desktop, Smart phones and Tablets

Driving web traffic is not limited to targeting people who are browsing over internet with their computer systems. Most people connect to online stores with different devices mostly tablets and smart phones and ecommerce websites lose out on driving web traffic to your ecommerce website because unresponsive online store.
driving web traffic to your ecommerce website
What happens after your advertising, SEO and SMO efforts pay off and a prospective customer lands up on your ecommerce store while browsing with their tablet? They find that they have to zoom in and out a hundred times to see your product that destroys your ecommerce image and loss of potential customers. This is happening every day as most people browse for products with their phones and tablets. If you calculate the total number of visits lost in a day it is likely to amount in thousands. The solution to your problem is simple, enable a responsive ecommerce webstore which attends your customers gracefully in all the web browsers and electronic devices.

Succeed in Sharing and Engaging not just SMO

driving web traffic to your ecommerce website
Ecommerce owners work on social media optimization by following protocols while overlooking what people like. People like sharing interesting funny content, images, and videos not advertising a product. You can download the benefit of growing your social media network and driving web traffic to your ecommerce website by creating your product as an interesting and sharable content. Start making interesting informational infographics with funny content, animated images and connecting videos. If you post is enticing then your customers will share your post and create reference publicity. Referrals is the most benefiting marketing technique with highest ecommerce conversion rate. Check out an infographic on Boosting your ecommerce Website conversion rate with changes in about us page

Reminder Calls – lower costs and higher gains

Approach your present customers through various social media channels to connect to your online store. You can manage relationship with your present customers in such a way that they are driving web traffic to your ecommerce website.

How to connect your present customers and get their help for driving web traffic to your ecommerce website?

  1. While customers head to check out from your online store ask for their contact details, especially their email ID.
  2. Connect and verify their email address for initial offer confirmation.
  3. Offer them exclusive deals for limited period on the last browsed products.
  4. Send them a newsletter with highlights of new arrivals in appropriate periodic intervals, generally once in a month.
  5. Don’t overload their inbox with your email causing them to block you or report as a spam.
  6. Remember to offer an unsubscribe option for emails.
driving web traffic to your ecommerce website Re-target your previous customers with cute emails saying you miss them. Send them a reminder once in a month to revive growth from them and increase your web traffic.


We are sure you have understood the new concept of driving web traffic to your ecommerce website. Feel free to add your comments and takes from it. Your queries help us develop our content to fit your needs more aptly.
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