4 Great Tips to Optimize Sales of Magento Ecommerce Store

4 Great Tips to Optimize Sales of Magento Ecommerce Store - GoWebBaby.Com

Online shoppers are now much demanding than ever before especially when it comes to flexibility in shopping online. Site visitors look for online stores in which the whole shopping process is designed in a customer-friendly way.

Designing an ecommerce store by taking in to consideration these factors can convert the site visitors in to loyal customers and thereby improving the overall sales of your products or services. Therefore web designers should ensure the ecommerce sites they design is tailored to provide the prospective customers with a clear path while making purchases.

Here are some of the tips that would help optimize the Magento ecommerce store.

1) Ensure the online store is optimized for mobile

This is where you can find majority of your target audience. The number of mobile phone users is increasing vividly and is set to overtake the desktop users when it comes to browsing the web and shopping online. So you should ensure the website is optimized for varied screen sizes & resolutions in a wide range of devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers & desktop.

However businesses can prefer using Magento extension such as ShopGate when it comes to turning your e-commerce site in to a mobile-friendly online store. Furthermore, the Shopgate plug-in can also be used for creating iOS and Android apps.

2) Providing discounts to customers

Discounts and offers are considered to be some of the most powerful online marketing tools that can improve the sales of your product and also influencing the buying decisions of the customers. Thus discounts can attract huge traffic towards your online store and can help clear stocks in addition to encouraging clients to purchase items from your online store at discounted rates.

However if you are using a Magento online store and want to give discounts only for specific customers rather than whole customers, then make use of ‘Discount Conditions Extension'. This extension provides discounts for customers who are buying the same product from the online store again and only for some particular products. However the particular product should be available in the shopping cart, only then the discount would be applicable to the customers.

3) Speeding up the Checkout process

With more and more E-commerce businesses are of the view that most of the online shoppers checkout from the website without sales conversion. Of this, complex checkout process is considered to be a major factor that is leading to site visitors leaving the website without purchasing anything. It is also desirable to reduce the filling up of too many details which are also making the customers to leave the website early.

One Step Checkout Magento Extension is an excellent tool that is designed to provide a quick checkout process for the online shoppers. This extension displays the checkout process in a single page.

4) Increase user engagement through Live Chat

Including a Live Chat within your Magento online store can significantly reduce the communication gap that exists between the customers and the online store most of the times. Thus online stores can enhance the trust among the customers by participating in a live chat with the prospective customers within the online store.

These are some of the Magento extensions which can be used to optimize sales of your Magento online store.

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