4 Social Media Strategies to Boost Ecommerce Business Sales

4 Social Media Strategies to Boost Ecommerce Business Sales - GoWebBaby.Com

If you currently run an ecommerce business, chances are, your customers are active in social media networks regardless of their age, gender and economic status. According to the recent statistics, men and women use social media sites equally. And around 61% of Facebook users belong to the middle age or older adults; the average user being 37 years old.

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If you are not discovering which social media channels your customers spend most of their time with and include it in your ecommerce marketing strategy, then you are missing out on establishing relationships and increasing customer acquisition through word of mouth. Social media marketing is usually covered by affordable web promotion services offered these days.

Here are four ecommerce marketing techniques that will help you with your social marketing strategy and Boost Ecommerce Business Sales.

(1) Go to where your targeted customers are.

There are only a few things in life the promise endless options- Social Media Marketing being an exception. From Twitter to Linked In, there is no limit to the number of social sites available for your company to leverage. Find out where your consumers are congregating by the following steps:

  • Ask them. Sounds simple, but sending a short survey to customers can provide a great wealth of knowledge.
  • Monitor social sites. Use free tools like Trackur or Social Mention and know where customers are conversing about your brand, your competitors and even your targeted keywords. There are affordable web promotion services these days that include site and keyword analysis.
  • Leverage your stats. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are pretty transparent on their user statistics. Make use of research conducted by third part firms such as e Marketer to find where your consumers are.
  • Review back links, announcements, job postings and keyword rankings of your competitors regularly to get an idea about their progress.

(2) Monitor what the competition is doing.

Whether your ecommerce site is new to social or just needs extra pulling up, competitive intelligence is useful. Spend time conducting an audit of your top competitors in the social web. You can do this on your own or choose to hire a reputable internet marketing solution firm. Look into commercial sites in other industries for more insight.

(3) Offer exclusive offers through social media sites.

 Entice customers with something that they won't get elsewhere but in your social channel. Try promoting a contest through social sites. Offer exclusive items or free shipping to your media fans or followers. You can also update breaking news and other product related announcements to your social channels.

(4) Don't just promote and push products.

The main goal of your ecommerce site is to sell products but your Social Media Marketing encompasses more than that. With too much promotion and less engagement, you are unlikely to experience success. Share relevant industry news and stories on your social media profiles. Participate in forums and discussions and be an authority in your industry. Create a blog on your site and feed blog content on your social media accounts. Coordinate with an internet marketing solution firm regarding content development and distribution.

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