5 Ways You Can Increase Your Online Traffic in 2016

Increase Online Traffic in 2016

It's the end of the year and you're noticing your traffic becoming stale. Your New Year business goal is to increase online traffic by 12%, but you're only impressed by the results of some of your tactics, and you're not sure how relevant the rest are for today's web climate.

While there are strategies that are essential to your web presence and some that are tailored to work for you, here are some growingly successful tactics and still relevant tips for seeing your online traffic increase in 2016.

1. Use on-page SEO

Making sure your page is search engine-friendly is still an important tactic in 2016. While Google may advise against link building, it still stands as one of the most important ranking elements this year. Create new content with external links, take a look at meta descriptions and brush up on keyword research. It's likely you'll see a gradual difference in your traffic and ranking on Google.


2. Use LinkedIn to post

LinkedIn has paved the way for business networking, and it's where you'll see the most activity online for professionals on social media. Posting interesting and engaging content on LinkedIn could boost traffic to your site and increase your visibility within your industry. Make sure to add it to your social media strategy if you haven't already done so for the New Year.

3. Write a guest blog

Guest blogging serves a similar purpose as posting on LinkedIn in terms of visibility. Despite what you may have heard, blogging is still relevant this year in terms of SEO as it keeps fresh content on your page (which is an important component for your ranking), but guest blogging is a great way to get some cross promotion. Make sure to stick with reputable sites and avoid anything spammy if you don't want a big penalty.

4. Interview interesting people

Interviews with thought-leaders are a wave of thought provoking content that does very well on social media and on-site. Reach out to your industry leaders and people you admire for an interview, and keep it simple. Cross promotion is your best friend, as chances are they'll promote the interview to their massive tribe as well (or politely ask them to!).

5. Use Instagram for Freebies

Adding a good sweepstakes or promotion across your social media channels is known to be tried and true for those who do it well, but ecommerce merchants are starting to find Instagram to be the forerunner in effective marketing channels. Giveaways are a fun way to increase your followers, but try adding a call to action to your site or to invite a friend to your channel in order for your followers to win.

Another rapidly growing tactic on Instagram is to send free samples to personalities and influencers with a huge follower base already. Do some research and find the Instagram influencer who has the fan base you want as clients. Most successful Instagrammers will have their rates dialed in, so be warned that those who have more followers have a much higher price tag. Opt for the quality of followers who will be interested in engaging with you than just focusing on the number.

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