6 Latest Trends in eCommerce Web Designing

6 Latest Trends in eCommerce Web Designing - GoWebBaby.Com

In today’s fast-changing eCommerce world, it’s challenging for any web designer to foretell the future. What’s new today may be outdated tomorrow! To deliver customers an all-in-one shopping experience and also put yourself one step beyond the competition, you as a designer need to constantly assess the merits of current trends.

If you are planning to set-up or redesign your online store, you must be aware of what’s trending right now in the eCommerce sphere. Listed below are 6 designing trends that you can use for your web page.

1) Enlarge Images

With expansion in ecommerce, start using large fonts and images to create larger impressions. The recent trend showcases big headers and footers, logos and images. Tiny images are outdated and visitors are more attracted to larger fonts these days. The websites use bold fonts and strong content to draw and retain customers.

2) Printing Designs

Creative designing similar to print media advertisements as in newspapers or pamphlets with multiple text columns, footnotes are in these days. Websites portraying such designs are generally termed as 'art-directed' wherein the designs are driven by the creators.

Such designs are usually found at freelance sites and are seldom used by big companies as the effort behind these designs entails time and hard work both. If you wish to have these designs, then concentrate more on the communication as it needs to be effective than on design detailing. Be sure that your site design supports your content too.

3) Neat with minimal design

For your website to attract customers, the designs should be clean with less usage of bold colors, Gone are the days where dark colors made attractive looks. Simple yet fresh designs on websites will influence customers. They will not get distracted while reading your content. If your business is with nature's creation like water, wood, then create a combination of chromatic colors for your design to be focused on.

4) Pixel-perfect layout

The present-day designers entail a lot of detailing with components like menus, toolbars that are clearly visible for either for laptops or small monitored iPods. Just check that on zooming there are no hazy features on your page. These can be designed perfectly with the latest software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

5) Retro Style Designing

Although retro style web pages are difficult to create, however, old fashioned look seems to be creeping in well into ecommerce. Vintage images, creased paper look and charming retro visuals very frequently catch hold of the attention of many customers. However, this style is usually hard to implement and proper aesthetic sense is required. So the best option is to hire professionals who are qualified and have great aesthetic sense to help you create the web page in retro style.

6) Horizontal Designing

With smart phones and various other touch screen devices, horizontal or parallel scrolling has been frequently used and has created many followers for it. Intricate website designs have provided the readers with the pleasure of reading by avoiding buffering effects and slow loading pages. All you need to remember while choosing a perfect design for your ecommerce site is that the page has to load quickly.

Any customer will never wait for long on your site. They only visit and use those sites which load faster and also have a good checkout option. So, these are the key factors to your site apart from the design. You can contact a professional Web development company in Mumbai for the same.

Hence to make a user friendly navigation try opting for horizontal scrolling with a perfect speed needed for it.

Owing to technological development each year we find new web designs due to development of new tools in ecommerce. Hence while designing your website, check out with the latest trend and try implementing it in your webpage.

Once you have decided on a design for your ecommerce site you can as well opt for an ecommerce application development. Having your own ecommerce application will help you gain more customers as more and more people now days are using their smart phones for shopping.

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