8 Mistakes to Avoid in Ecommerce: A Guide for New Entrepreneurs

Winning the trust of customers is the only way of taking your business to the next level, but it is extremely difficult to win their trust unless there is something outstanding in your brand that can attract them. E-commerce has developed as a productive industry which allows you to generate millions and billions of money through online sales. A few mistakes can take your growth curve in other direction. This might prove risky for your business and can even results in its failure.

Below mentioned are some common mistakes to avoid in ecommerce with the intention of having good sale figures:

Mistakes to avoid

Mistake1: Insufficient Preparation before Listing Business

A biggest mistake that every new entrepreneur makes due to lack of sufficient knowledge and loop holes left in collecting key pieces of information. There is a need of taking proper guidance from an experienced e-commerce broker who can make you understand the things that are necessary to be considered in any business. These include competitive environment, customer base, market served, industry outlook, management style, new developments and many more.

Mistake 2: Hide the Problems

Each entrepreneur wants to portray his business online in the prominent manner, but there is a big disparity between representing business in the best light and misrepresenting it to the potential buyers. Sometimes businessmen exaggerate numbers, cover up problems and distort a projection.

Mistake 3: Disinclination in Offering Seller Financing

Many business people feel uncomfortable in offering seller financing which is believed as a chance to increase sales. It can boost buyer confidence and even make the deal. It makes the buyer understand seller's enthusiasm to hold a note as a mark that seller trusts his business.

Mistake 4: Idealistic Price Expectations

Again this one is the biggest mistakes that seller makes. They have a stipulated thought that lowest price they want to obtain from their business which is based on their gut feeling and not supported by any analysis.

Mistake 5: Ineffective Branding

As online business is completely dependent on the website which should be in such a way that it stands out among several other similar business websites. The business name should be unique and memorable with clear mission statement. You have to ensure buyers that the brand values you have outlined for your business is also reflected in the products. You have to elaborate the profiles of the target customers.

Mistake 6: Poor Website Experience

The designing and navigation of the website works a lot which should be easy. Your website should provide pleasant shopping navigation and experience to the customers instead of proving mystery solving experience.

Mistake 7: Poor Online Visibility

Your online store or business will not get success unless people find it. So, you need to optimize your website as per the search engine guidelines.

Mistake 8: Fail To Create Social Media Presence

Many business owners think creating social media presence is only a waste of time, but it’s a very important step to make your business reach among a large number of people. Nowadays, people are connected to one of the many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. These social media sites serve as the best platform for your business to gain popularity over the internet. So, use social media marketing to make your brand visible.

If you are serious about enhancing your business profits, always try to avoid the above mentioned mistakes.

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