Amazon Webstore V/s Bigcommerce: A Comparison of Two Leading Ecommerce Platform


Which is better Bigcommerce or Amazon webstore?

The treasure-trove called e-commerce is being endlessly dug for some boundless options that would aid the e-commerce site to be better by the day. E-store is an empirical affair that buyers love to revel in. If the solution does not give enough reasons for a good experience to the buyers, they might not appreciate shopping on that website. So, if you are a developer, it is very significant for you to make use of right solution that facilitates you to provide a good experience to your consumers. So, the bigwigs of this e-commerce goldmine, Amazon Webstore and Bigcommerce are often being targeted by consumers and, web store owners. But, which among the two platforms is most appropriate to you is one of the difficult questions calling for an answer. Here, you would see a comparative analysis between these two astonishingly pleasant e-commerce solutions- Amazon Webstore V/S Bigcommerce. You can take your call at the end of the comparison and, seek the solution that most accurately fulfills the needs of your e-store.

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Review the features:

If you compare the features of these two solutions that is Amazon Webstore & Bigcommerce, you would find a lot of differences. The features that you may need would be fulfilled by either of the two. Let's try and understand the differences.

Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization
Amazon Webstore
  • Your online store by Amazon will be presented with your hosting provider and available on your own domain.
  • Adjust the meta tags to match your product categories and content
  • Simple incorporation with Google Sitemap and Analytics
  • Bigcommerce provides search engine optimization that gives you higher search rankings, that means additional free traffic to your storefront.
  • The devices of Google domination are all comprised, from fully customized Meta tags, robots.txt files and URLs to mechanically produced sitemaps.

Payment Gateways

payment gateway
Amazon Webstore
  • Most ecommerce platforms have need of customers to make use of an external payment gateway. But with Amazon Webstore, you get advantage of Amazon's own payment processing system
  • The proven fraud detection capabilities that includes risk management & chargeback controls of Amazon' procedures to assist decrease bad debt
  • Select from more than sixty payment gateways like, Google Checkout or PayPal.
  • If you are starting from scratch, Bigcommerce Payments will have you set up in no time

Technical and Customer Assistance

technical assistance
Amazon Webstore
  • Online access to a robust background assistance panel with ample information on Webstore by Amazon
  • Online video guides accessible for numerous aspects of Amazon Webstore
  • Access to technical provision is obtainable through the administrative interface
  • Add 500 plus support tutorials/ articles, interactive workshops, e-commerce webinars and a community of Bigcommerce store owners that can assist you with everything from setting your storefront to making your business an achievement.

Enhanced Conversations

enhanced conversations
Amazon Webstore
  • Choice to use Amazon product ratings and reviews of customers for product that match the categories of Amazon
  • Simply incorporate products on your storefront to get referral commission to make the most of revenues for your web store
  • Showcase Amazon product recommendations and Best Sellers to your customers to take full advantage of sales
  • Make use of WebStore widget to show your clienteles the products they most newly browsed in your storefront
  • From product recommendation and review engines to product comparisons and wish lists, Bigcommerce aids you in turning your shoppers into buyers

Design Customization

design customization
Amazon Webstore
  • All-inclusive Template manager with a variety of widgets to add in your own images, product features & content
  • Capability to adjust the design and layout by making use of CSS, JavaScript & HTML. This can include Flash
  • No other ecommerce solution gives you such control over your products, from limitless, fully customized options to flexible inventory tools and product rules
Now that you are aware of the differences between these two ecommerce platforms, you can always discover out what it is that serves your purpose. Remember the entire e-commerce solution world is a treasure house and, these two are just a part of the house. But, all said and done these two are the finest among that treasure house.
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