Avoid top 5 commonly made Ecommerce Holiday Mistakes

Avoid top 5 commonly made Ecommerce Holiday Mistakes - GoWebBaby.Com

An ecommerce owner knows what’s coming up is the peak ecommerce sales time of the year. But high ecommerce sales potential also indicates higher investments and hence, higher risk. Here are the top 5 commonly made holiday season ecommerce mistakes an ecommerce owner must watch out for.

Ecommerce Holiday Mistake 1: Differentiating Advertising & Marketing

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The most common ecommerce holiday mistake is separating online marketing strategy from advertising expenditures. During holiday season as ecommerce market potential increase so does competition. As an ecommerce owner you can’t afford to miss out on prospective customers because you didn’t invest in advertising. Tips for tuning up your ecommerce Marketing and Advertising efforts for holiday sale.

  • Start participating in pay-per-click advertisements to increase your online store’s visibility.
  • Increase your normal expenditure keeping in mind your competitors are doing the same.
  • Pre-schedule your ecommerce optimized promotional emails for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This helps you fight ecommerce email holiday season traffic.
  • Use ecommerce software like buffer to schedule appropriate posts on your social media networks.

Ecommerce Holiday Mistake 2: Checking in and out time

As holiday season starts ecommerce shoppers are looking for quick services with user friendly interface. However, ecommerce owners lengthen sales procedure to lure visitors into buying more. That is one of the biggest ecommerce holiday mistake which increases their abandoned carts and walk-outs after generating sales order. If you have not optimized your online shopping store for holidays then you must do it now before it is too late. Recommended reading:

“Revamp website designs to boost ecommerce sales for New Year Purchases” In short for avoiding checking in and out time delay ecommerce holiday mistake update the following immediately:
  • Don’t force registrations, keep it optional for your ecommerce holiday shoppers.
  • Keep your ecommerce website light so that it loads quickly.
  • Remove normal bulky advertisements and highlight best deals of holiday season.

Ecommerce Holiday Mistake 3: Last minute updates on Online Store

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It is a big NO! Don’t update your ecommerce website after 15th November or you will end up troubled in the third major ecommerce holiday mistake. While it might sound good to you that you recently updated your online store and visitors will feel delighted, that is not what happens. Truth is if you update your ecommerce website too late then Loading Time of your ecommerce website will fend off your customers. So don’t change your domain name, bump up features, change codes or make any kind of update after mid-November.

Ecommerce Holiday Mistake 4: Hard Selling Only

While regular ecommerce customers are well-versed with your ecommerce website and know what they want and where they can get it, it is reverse with new customers. Online ecommerce owners often misunderstand simplicity to Hard Sales ecommerce website making an ecommerce holiday mistake. During holiday season, there are new visitors to your ecommerce website who need help to understand your product and discover its benefits. It is essential to justify their purchase for them before you direct them to BUYING option. So avoid ecommerce holiday mistake by answering commonly asked holiday questions through Holiday FAQs page, live chat and updating product details.

Ecommerce Holiday Mistake 5: Missing shipping date and return policy

What if you are buying a Christmas gift for someone but you don’t know when it will arrive… Will you pay for it? Of course not. And yet most of us have seen ecommerce owners make the same ecommerce holiday mistake. During holiday season, time is money which helps in increase ecommerce conversion rate during at after the season. It is very important to create a strict cut off shipment and delivery date of your products ensuring their safe and timely delivery to your customers. If you are able to exceed in doing that then you are likely to get repeated sales from your new customers in future.

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