Best Advice On Social Media Marketing For Today's Entrepreneurs

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A few years back, social media marketing was very different from now. Earlier social media marketing was more related to establishing online presence organically, writing posts and designing images. But in today’s world, there exist approximate 2.34 billion social network users, which consist of one-third of the global population. Now a day’s, it is hard to differentiate between Instagram and Snapchat. Big brands are now competing and paying to stay ahead (maybe a few seconds) in competition and grabbing the audience’s attention. Now the content includes live video too.

By seeing this difference, we must say that old stetted rules do not compulsorily apply in today’s social media marketing world. Here we are giving entrepreneurs the best advice on how to approach on social media strategy in today’s competitive scenario.

Biggest Challenge In The Future Of Social Media Marketing?

The biggest challenge in the near future of social media marketing is how to stand unique out of the whole crowd and create the best user experience. Social media marketing in today’s world needs to be more valuable, and unique to get loyal audiences.

Just distributing the content will not work today but the quality and unique content curation are also very challenging in today’s social media word. Businesses need to identify, how to plan and how to invest in a channel-specific social media strategy.

The other challenge comes in front of entrepreneurs is move ahead with the crazy changes in social media platforms and audience preferences. For example, Facebook is getting complex and businesses must have to manage social media platforms like this tactfully. Also, businesses must know what content to put where what are the habits of people etc.

The other challenge today is many businesses do not out their time, resources and attention constantly. Various platforms are coming nowadays and business needs to know where they have to focus. It is not at all necessary that businesses should focus on each and every platform available. Rather focus on the platforms which are giving more results and outputs.

What Channel Entrepreneurs Need And Why?

First and foremost, the more important thing comes before social media channel is the product or service. Businesses must primarily focus on creating great product or service. Great things are easy to market.

Facebook - Facebook’s organic as well as paid reach is getting tougher. The video is working better. But yes, Facebook have the biggest audience. It will buy up new technology like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, MSQRD to keep users engaged.

Instagram- Instagram is seeing some decline in reach as well as participation these days. But yes for now, surely it is a channel to jump up on.

Snapchat – When it comes to brands, it is a little doubtful thing that Snapchat can maintain its reach and engagement for the long term. But still, it is cool and growing. The best thing about this app is its rotating filters. Snapchat users are engaged and the platform is authentic. Although it is difficult to say that it will drive ecommerce sales or not.  As many of your readers probably know, Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media channels out there. It’s an authentic and engaging platform that offers brands an opportunity to connect and interact with their audience for free.

Podcasts - Podcasts look like they are continuing to grow. It can be a remarkable channel for getting audience attention.

Advice For Entrepreneurs Starting From Scratch With Social Media Marketing Strategy?

  1. Search for the intersection of channels where your customers and their influencers are active and attentive, channels where you can provide unique value than anybody else and channels where you have the personal interest.
  2. Learn from the big players of the industry. Rather than copying, try to steal. This way, you have the understanding of the right channels to prioritize and relevant content topics.
  3. Select what social media platforms are best for you. It is not at all necessary that you hop on every platform available. Also, analyze where your target audience spends their time.
  4. Hire smart people who know about social space, platforms, advertising etc. Also, chalk out what you need from your brand and why.
  5. Create specific content and keeping mind the audience for whom you are developing the content.
  6. Write your business goals on the whiteboard and based on it make as many social or marketing hypotheses as you think will allow you to reach your goal. Then select the best out of them, apply it and see which is working for you best. Hold it and leave the rest.
  7. Concentrate on engagement, rather than follower counts. Also focus on results, not on the things which appear to be good for others.
  8. Build up social media following on Facebook. It has power and utility.

 What Social Media Marketing Tool Is Best In The List ?

-    Buzzsumo is the fantastic source of inspiration and discovery.

-    TrackMaven to track the impact of marketing and competitors.

-    Sprout Social through which social media content is distributed with ease.

-    Planoly for Instagram is also a cool tool.

-    HubSpot for tracking the results of marketing strategy and measure ROI.

-    Social Champ to schedule the post.

-    Canva to create graphics.


Change is something which is constant in social media. Although Facebook is one of the strongest players among all because it is incorporating new media formats. But if we talk about what consumers requires from a social platform, then the authenticity that Snapchat encourages is the best. In present scenario what needed is to focus on the quality of content. The companies with the quickly adaptable approach and focus will succeed for sure.

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