Bump conversion rate and sales by 75% by Personalizing with e-commerce software

Bump conversion rate and sales by 75% by Personalizing with e-commerce software - GoWebBaby.Com

Customers’ experience on your e-commerce website is the key to secure repeated sales over your competitors. An online survey discovered that in webstore shopping, customers appreciate assistance giving them a personalized experience.

How can you personalize customers experience to increase your e-commerce conversion rate?

You can personalize your website using various e-commerce software and following our checklist to determine optimization. Find the following 5 major actions required to personalize your customer's experience. Start now and soon your e-commerce conversion rate will shoot up the roof.

1. Welcome and Greet your customer

Personalized message to greet customer

Most of us prefer going to the same place for breakfast every morning and being honest, there are probably other diners providing similar or better morning menus. The reason driving us there is that personalized “Good Morning” and friendly greetings. Do it online using e-commerce software: install the same experience for your customers by adding a small window or banner with SHOPPER’S NAME using Dynamic Web Personalization tools. E-commerce software: Decibel Insight, iridize, Tour My App, Picreel, Sailthru, Apptus, 40Nuggets, and SALESmanago Marketing Automation.

2. Drive sales by highlighting relevant promotional offers and recommendations

A potential customer browses through similar products from different brands before purchasing. An e-commerce portal can increase its conversation rate by pinging him/her relevant discount and giving personalized advice with the best deal. For example, top websites like amazon webstore, eBay, Netflix, etc. provide recommendations as you browse through a product category. Want to Learn more about boosting your e-commerce sales? Netflix made a statement on a web portal, “75% of our sales are driven by recommendations which increase our e-commerce conversion rate.” Competitive edge to cross over normal recommendation: Provide tailored products as per likes and dislikes of your customers.

3. Dynamism to understand varying needs of customers

E-commerce websites fail down on providing personalized customer experience as they track the needs of customer only based on history. For example, if a man purchased jewelry for his wife and now wishes to browse through chains for himself, his experience changes alarming a negative view of the website. Therefore it is essential to have a dynamic personalized e-commerce software. You can add a simple pop-up window to confirm needs of your customers and optimize their experience.

4. Four P’s- Product, Promotion, Place, Price to attain Personalization

Geographical Location Based Marketing

In the steps above, we tailored product and its promotion according to the needs of our customer. Third is PLACE, i.e. location of your customer. An e-commerce website must vary according to the place of the viewer to provide a personalized experience. While a customer browsing from US will take “What’s up?” as a casual greeting, UK customer is more likely to take it negatively. E-commerce software solution to Personalizing Place: Use geomarketing software by using geo IT database. This becomes easier with mobile browsing and GPS tracking.

5. Personalized PRICING experience to boost sales at the point of purchase

This how you can do it quickly converting about 63% of abandoned carts to purchased products.

  1. Showcase the product’s value in different currencies.
  2. Online support executive can provide additional information about the benefits of purchasing NOW.


In the growing world of e-commerce, only the major e-commerce websites have integrated personalized experience for their customers. It is the right to act and add competitive edge to your website and boost e-commerce conversion rate.

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