Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season using m-commerce

Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season depends largely on m-commerce (online sales through mobile devices). M-commerce is rapidly growing ecommerce sales every month. According a research report of IBM, m-commerce climbed 37 percent ecommerce sales in 2014 compared to last year. While most online shopping store are trying to take out time to create responsive ecommerce website startup online shops can start updated with m-commerce. Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season is largely depended on the m-commerce market share. Therefore, here are quick 4 tips for increasing Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season:

Dynamic website with Customized designs update for Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season

responsive web design m-commerce
One of the reasons behind m-commerce bumping up online shopping stores sales is the variety of options available on smart phones. You can make your mobile app entertaining, dynamic and tailored to the needs of your target customers to grab maximum attention from them. Here are the following pointers which are working for the best online shopping stores on m-commerce:
  • [themecolor] Send emails and use push notification[/themecolor] service to offer your customers personalized service. Personalization makes your customers feels privileged is likely to result in an increase in your Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season.
  •  [themecolor]Welcome Note quoting their Name:[/themecolor] Your m-commerce customers feel connected to your online shopping store if they feel they are meeting a person not just a lifeless website. So, add life to your website by welcoming your customers, using live chat options, content marketing, and recommendation services.
  •  [themecolor]  Timing:[/themecolor] Simple consideration of offering the right deal at the right time is likely to play the trick in increasing Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season. Best time to reach your customers depends on their location and occupation.

Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season can beat their competition using CREATIVE MOBILE APPLICATION

Your online shopping store should not be just a platform view on mobile devices. It is a completely new way to lure your customers in for bumping your Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season. How can you make the ideal design for m-commerce sales? Here is what you can do:
  • Create a responsive website design which opens your online shopping store in a beautiful standard design on tablets, smart phones, iPhone and desktop.
  • While you are updating your website for phones increase your font size to range between 16 and 22 px.
  • Keep your layout simple and touch friendly.
  • Use large buttons for calls to action.

Make purchasing easy using deep link in mobile app and ecommerce website

ecommerce startup sales this holiday season using m-commerce While customers are browsing through your app they are likely to make impulsive purchases. To increase your Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season you should drive them directly to purchase page. Ensure the following links:
  •       Advertisement connecting to landing page.
  •       Emails offering products to purchase page.
  •       Notifications directing to the detailed descriptive page.

How to get Feedback and Success rate of Ecommerce startup sales this holiday season?

It is no big news that you must override your statics after developing and working on your ecommerce and m-commerce designs. There are lots of mobile tracking applications available in the market which help you track Key Performance Metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Note your KPIs and measure performance of your online shopping store accessed from different devices.

Core mobile marketing key metrics are:

  •       Conversion rate
  •       Click through link performance
  •       Total purchases
On the basis of data collected you can smoothen the way where your ecommerce sales are stopping. For example, if your customers are clicking but your conversion ratio is low then you can upgrade the look of your product page and offer something more involving for your customers.
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