How Shopify Helps Small Business ?

How Shopify Helps Small Business ? - GoWebBaby.Com

Shopify helps small business to grow

Shopify is a commerce platform that facilitates a person to simply sell online, in store, and everywhere in between. Now you must be thinking how Shopify helps small business to grow. So, Shopify offers a proficient online store that takes minutes to set up, a payment solution to process credit cards, Shopify POS application to power retail sales, and the Shopify Mobile to accept payments on your smartphone. Shopify is the platform of choice for over 100,000 active global merchants.

World-class security, constant innovation and robust API infrastructure of Shopify will provide you with a webstore where the only limit is how fast you can sell.

Process as many sales as you can makeShopify functions an average of 100,000 page views per minute. At highest, the number sometimes goes to 500,000.

Take care of securityShopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, with continuous risk management and annual on-site compliance assessments.

Don’t have to pay for bandwidth or a rack Shopify’s full-featured, highly distributed platform drives down IT labor and hardware costs to a fraction of old-style infrastructure expenses.

Constant upgrades with no interruptionsShopify always add new functionality and features to the platform. Those upgrades happen quietly and automatically, facilitating you to continue with business as normal.

Robust APIHandy API of Shopify makes it possible to connect your ecommerce website to almost any popular third-party resource.

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Statics of Shopify

  • 10,000 orders handled per minute at peak
  • $60 million of sales managed per month
  • 80 millisecond response time per request – a number that falls as traffic boosts
  • 100% traffic growth year-over-year

Features that help you save more

  • Shopify Reports
  • Abandoned Checkout Recovery
  • Future Publishing
  • Cutting-edge Report Builder
  • Limitless Email Address Forwarding

How Shopify Helps Small Business to Grow?

  • 40% of worldwide Internet users have bought products online.
  • The Internet reaches 30% of the global population and there are more than 2 billion users worldwide.
  • The value of mobile commerce transactions is estimated to go beyond $3.2 trillion per year by 2017.
  • Mobile reaches 86% of the global population and there are more than 5.8 billion subscribers worldwide.
  • Ecommerce spending in the U.S. alone hit approximately $262 billion in 2013, up 13.4 per cent from $231 billion in 2012.
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