How To Start Online Store Without Money?

How To Start Online Store Without Money? - GoWebBaby.Com

The majority of us want to become entrepreneurs. Many of us want to start online store. But very few really is able to convert our this dream into reality. Whereas, others bury their dream in their hearts of becoming an entrepreneur because of the scarcity of finances. If you too fall under the second category who just dropped the plan of creating your online store because of financial issues then, there is a good news for you all. You can start your online store on affordable cost with dropshipping. Whatever tools you require starting your online business are available to you without any cost. That means you can start from zero and can make your business a big hit. What else is required then? Go and grab the opportunity of becoming the successful entrepreneur by starting your online venture.

How To Do It?

The tools available offers you 14 days free trial. 14 days is enough time to hit and try for your own online business store. In the free trial period of 14 days, you can launch an online store at $ 0 and probability is there that you can earn $ 65 on the lesser side. After the completion of the 14 days trial period, if you think you are able to generate sells, drive traffic and your business is growing then pay $ 65 and continue building your online business. Else leave it and try something new, if the things are not working as per your expectation.

How To Sell Online?

In the beginning, first, concentrate on sell. For this, first of all, get a good store name, get the banner design and start shipping. Try to launch your store as soon as possible. After the store, launch concentrates more on selling and gaining revenue. Other changes of your online store can wait and can be done at later stage.

What Is The Roadmap?

1. Find a product 2. Create your Shopify store for products 3. Get first order at your Shopify store 4. Generate and receive revenue

Now comes…

What To Sell Online?

This is a very important decision you need to take if you are in the process of launching your online store. Many people make the mistake in choosing the right product to sell. Sometimes they are casual with the approach of searching the product and waste their time and energy both. While sometimes they overthink and over-research on product and ends up on the first product they thought of. To avoid this situation, try to stay in between. Validate your product’s capabilities with data, but don’t try to find something better than that always. The major benefit of Dropshipping is that it allows you to switch from one idea to other. If somehow, your one idea fails, you always have another chance to implement another idea. Isn’t great!!!

How To Search For Product Idea?

(A) Browse Other Stores

To search for a product to sell online best is to browse other stores. You will get ample of ideas of what to sell online from there. While browsing, also has a close look at their offers, best- selling lists, promoted products etc. Try to use the information available on other stores and incorporate that information for the benefit of your online store. You Can Start From Here: - Lazada Top Sellers - AliExpress Most Popular Products (Weekly) - Ebay Daily Deals - Amazon Best Sellers

(B) Browse Social Shopping Sites

You can also browse Social Shopping Sites. There are various sites like Polyvore, Wanelo, Fancy, and Pinterest. Here you can have a look at different categories and what is in trend in that categories. You will get millions of products on these platforms. Include these products on your research, they turn to be extremely valuable for you. While doing research on products, you need to take in consideration few points: - Look For Niche Products - Look For Products Under $60 - Follow Trendy Products

Launch: A Basic Shopify Store

Launching a basic Shopify store is very easy. Launch it with $0 and earn $65 in 14 days trial period. With the help of basic Shopify store, you can sell your products in simplest way.

‘To Do’ List To Launch A basic Shopify Store

To setup and customize your store, you can do a lot of things. But some important things are: 1. Picking up good store name 2. Register for a free Shopify Account 3. Choose your Store Theme 4. Edit the look of your store 5. Add Your Logo 6. Keep your Standard Pages ready 7. Add a Payment Gateway 8. Adjust Shipping Settings 9. Set Your Billing Information And your store is ready.

Find Suppliers

We require adding products as early as possible, once the store is ready. Picking a fulfillment process is solely an independent choice. AliExpress dropshipping is the fastest and the easiest way to expand your online business. It works same as the traditional dropshipping method. That means you can copy the product from AliExpress to your store and can set your own prices. When you product is sold, you can purchase it from AliExpress and then ship it directly to the customer.

Add Products To Your Wishlist

Visit and search for the products you want or decided to sell and add it to your AliExpress account wish list. Just remember that if you want to make the sale in US market, then your products must be delivered with the ePacket delivery (it takes only 14 days to arrive at the US) option. We recommend you not to always go for the lowest price. Also, search for the suppliers who have higher positive feedback and are responsive.

Import Products To Your Store

In spite of manually installing products to the store, you can also use the app like Oberlo. With the help of this app, as soon as you will receive the order, Oberlo will ship the ordered product or products to your customers automatically.

Enhance Your Store

If you still have some time, then try the following things to enhance your online store: Increase trust with Free Trust Seals App Display Prices in multiple currencies with Currency Localizer App Design product banners Collect emails with Soundtest Win-back abandoned carts Create FAQ page

Get Your First Sale

You can try and experiment your own ideas to get your first sale. You can use Reddit posts, Facebook groups, Instagram Influencers, Tumble Blogs and even can sync your store with Wanelo.


The above discussion explains that launching an online store in how easy. If somehow, you fail to achieve your goal in the first time, repeat the process again and again until the success will not reach you. If you need professional help for the same you can visit here.

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