Integrate Your Ecommerce Store With Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces

Online eCommerce marketplaces provides opportunities for both buyers and sellers to meet online, generate business leads and conduct business transactions. These marketplaces offer an additional sales channel to help grow your business. Apart from it, these provide small business an opportunity to achieve a higher distribution and reach far from potential customers. However, with more brands and businesses utilizing these marketplaces, it has become quite important for you to get your business and products to stand out. The introduction of online auction website eBay in 1995 started offering buyers and sellers with an advantage providing an online marketplace platform where sellers will provide merchandise to be sold online.

So, if you are an eCommerce business owner, integrating your eCommerce store with an online marketplace is surely going to help you by improving product sales, enhancing customer database and opening multiple channels for your business.


Opportunity for displaying products on marketplaces with huge traffic- By listing your website on the most popular online marketplaces, you will be able to maximize brand visibility by offering your customers with different shopping channel.

Simple checkout and easy integration- Whenever a customer buys product listed on any of these marketplaces, he/she goes through a very simple checkout on that site.

For increasing brand awareness and online visibility- Integrating your eCommerce store with online marketplace provides you an additional advantage by generating greater traffic and increased product visibility for your brand.

Avail the benefits of a broader market reach while displaying your product catalog on huge auction sites like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and so on.

Secure and scalable- Stores like Amazon involves the use of fraud prevention technology to safeguard and secure all necessary data, thereby providing a reliable service.

Cost- Effective- Marketplace module saves lot of money that is reserved for your eCommerce expenditure. It allows buyers to directly set up their online business without worrying about server configuration, technical issues and so on.

Easy Management of Products- Multi vendor marketplace finds it easy to manage details about products like order price, product delivery and so on. The best part to note is that merchants do not require any sort of technical knowledge to carry product management.

With ample number of eCommerce platforms like, Opencart, Shopify Magento and Prestashop, I would suggest Magento as the best platform that offers simple solutions to upload and manage multiple products at a single place with a common store front and product catalog.

If you have a website designed on Magento as an open source platform, try using Magento Multi- Vendor Marketplace module that enables you to build and manage your online business with full control. For detailed information on this plugin and its advantages for the customer, seller and store owner, click here.

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