Make amazon's customers your customers with amazon payment

Do you have your own Amazon webstore? But do not get utmost traffic to your storefront? Or wish to make the customers of Amazon your customers? Well if yes, then this article will surely help you in attracting the customers of Amazon to your webstore. Thousands of Amazon customers can login and pay on your webstore or mobile website with the details already stored in their Amazon account. It is fast, simple and safe method. It can aid you in making new buyers, boost up your sales & turn visitors into purchasers. Some of the aspects that help you to catch the attention of buyers of Amazon towards your own webstore are as follows:-

Know more about your customers

customerRecognize Amazon buyers at the time of login. When they login with, you get the name, zip code and email address of customers so that you can create an account and customize their checkout know-how. Numerous online buyers can now register with your webstore by utilizing their Amazon account.

Mobile Ready

mobileFacilitate your customers to purchase effortlessly on their phone. Provide them with a hassle-free method to pay on tablets and smartphones with no extra set-up. Offer an all-in-one mobile payment experience through devices including IOS, Android and Kindle.

Assist in increasing conversion with fewer clicks

conversionKeep track of sales you might else miss from purchasers unenthusiastic to register for an account or enter credit card details. Your buyers can draught through checkout without ever parting your webstore. Assists in increasing sales by providing them with a familiar payments alternative they be familiar with and also trust on the given method.

No additional fees or period

hiddenAids in lowering the entire cost of accepting payments for your business with low, volume-based pricing: 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction, or less. You know honestly what you will pay for the reason that there are no concealed fees or additional fees for setup, monthly use, unused or cancellation authorizations. View detailed pricing and validity.

Prolong your association beyond the transaction

proMake it simple for customers to make a profile and keep track of their order history. Distinguish returning customers when they login with Amazon and catch the attention of them to purchase again and again from your storefront.

Proven Fraud Protection

prologAssist in reducing your costs and safeguard your business with the similar refined fraud detection technology utilized by at no add-on cost.
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