Top 10 Best Shopify Fashion, T-shirt and Clothing Store Theme Designs

Top 10 Best Shopify Fashion, T-shirt and Clothing Store Theme Designs - GoWebBaby.Com

Many flourishing fashion designers and e-commerce players narrow their focus on their clothes, products, and styling, and often forget about the framework that will display their hard work––the e-commerce website layout and theme that, if done well, will eventually serve as the final push, encouraging buyers to commit and make purchases. An attractively laid out website sets the ambiance of an online store and just like shoppers choose to shop at a brick-and-mortar store because they like the organization, visual display, and aesthetic of physical shelving and merchandising, so too will online consumers notice the layout of your e-commerce store. This is why doing your research and picking the best theme for your website is key to the success of your online store––it is arguably as important as the very clothes you are selling.


Shopify is an e-commerce's golden ticket to great layouts with a little headache. They finally created a solution that provides e-commerce stores the basic framework to display their merchandise, and all the store has to do is provide the photos and content. There are thousands of

There are thousands of Shopify themes to choose from, but we have done the hard work for you and compiled the top 10 Shopify themes from our collection:-
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1) Rebel Armor

As a newly designed Shopify store, Rebel Armor have a hands-on experience in offering best clothing fashion & styles for Americans. The main motive of Rebel Armor is to ignite this dormant fire within the hearts of all Americans and spread the word that this nation is still the land of opportunity.

 Rebel Armor Tees Shopify Store

For the online shopping freaks, Rebel Armor launched their tailored e-commerce store that facilitates user to buy their preferred clothing style from the comfort of their home. All products offered by Rebel Armor are unique and they only use the highest quality screen-printing technology to ensure that the designs will never fade or crack.

Rebel Armor custom store was built on Shopify e-commerce platform by Gowebbaby team. As an expert Shopify developer team, these guys is up of any challenge. They take the time to get a good, firm grasp on how their client runs their business, well before they begin brainstorming how to solve the various problems at hand. The diverse team of Gowebbaby excels at expert e-commerce design and development services delivered on a timely basis.


2) Shop Latitude

Shop Latitude is the premier online destination that fuses Fashion & Travel, bringing you breathtaking pieces from the world’s most exceptional designers and ateliers. With one click, you can shop luxurious and exotic fashion spots around the globe. New York, Hong Kong, Milan, Mumbai and other epicenters of style have never felt closer!

 Shop Latitude Shopify store

With this online shopping store, you do not need to go out and just by clicking your mouse and selecting your favorite item. You can place an online order of clothes and fashion accessories that can simply bring some style in your personality.  Moreover, this store with delivering your product at your doorstep while rendering your shopping without an inch of effort. The best part of Shop Latitude is this is available 24*7 providing you to shop in your free time after work and are accessible from all the corners of the world.

The custom designed Shopify store for Shop Latitude is designed and developed by expert team of Gowebbaby. The proficient developers and designers know the ups and downs of Shopify development and they will always try to create something that looks new and always add some new features to the store. These guys have a strong customer base as they already created a lot of Custom Shopify stores. This gives confidence to other customers to get their work done from Gowebbaby team.

3) The WOD Life is Australia's #1 Functional Fitness Superstore. Whatever the workout, TWL has you covered! From Apparel, Accessories, Weightlifting, Conditioning, Mobility, Nutrition, Supplements and More...we stock all your favorite WOD gear. The online store for The WOD Life offers a huge range, great prices and legendary service to keep you training hard.

The WOD Life USA Shopify store

With a custom designed Shopify store, The WOD Life gets the benefit of regular platform update and new functionalities at an affordable cost. Some of the exclusive and essential features of online store of The WOD Life are as follows:-

  • Search option to search the product of your choice
  • FAQ section to get the answers to your queries
  • Safe & secure payment gateways
  • Registration and login facility for users
  • Simple checkout functionality & 24/7 customer support
  • Google optimized & customized Shopify store

4) X-TrainFit

X-TrainFit is a custom Fitness Lifestyle Shopify Store, packed with powerful features and functionality yet also easy enough for just about anyone to use. X-TrainFit is a full-service gym with an emphasis on engaging its members in a healthy and active lifestyle. X-TrainFit promotes an instructed approach to fitness whether in one of its many groups exercise classes on when working solo on the gym floor. It's exclusive 21 Day Bridge Program is designed to engage all members in a personal fitness plan that is tailored to each individual and can be initiated at any time and any number of times, to kick off a membership or to course correct or reinvigorate a members program mid-stream.

 X-train Fit Shopify store

The club offers a full-service weight and cardio suite, as well as indoor cycle studio, group exercise studio, and hot yoga suite. As the store is created on Shopify e-commerce platform, it has all- inclusive features that are essential for an online store. Some of the features include newsletter subscription, customer registration and login, search box, easy navigation, payment gateways and social media presence.


5) Arti Gogna

Arti Gogna is an online clothing Shopify store that offers different clothing styles for brides. The main aim of this online store is to create innovative designs to dress the modern woman in the latest fashions.

 Arti Gogna Shopify store

Arti Gogna selected Shopify platform for their online presence.  Shopify store allows users to build scalable and feature-rich websites to provide the best user-experience and fully integrated with secured payment gateways. It also enables people to design shopping cart as per their business requirements that attract the web visitors and increase business opportunities. The features that attract buyers towards Arti Gogna store are easy product and catalog browsing, manage customer accounts and orders, different shipping methods, one-page checkout and security and search engine optimized.

6) Elle Louise

Elle Louise is a Melbourne-based fashion and accessories label, which launched in mid-2011 and propelled into the Australian fashion scene at an astonishing pace. Since its debut collection Elle Louise has been quick to grab the attention and hearts of the youthful modern women. The extensive collection of progressive, vibrant ready-to-wear fashion is a symbol of her carefree, fun and playful lifestyle.

 Elle Louise Shopify store

Having a custom Shopify store design, Elle Louise offers their customers an e-commerce shopping platform that helps users to now shop fashion clothing and accessories in one place.  This store is committed to offering customers the products and support that they need so that each customer has the best experience possible. Easy customer registration and login, simple browsing and navigation let shoppers shop extensions without any hassle.

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7) Level Six

Level Six redesigns, challenges and recreates paddling gear as we know it today. Like other industries, Level Six believes the paddling world needs an identity of its own and that is what Level Six will continue to provide with innovation. The store is created on Shopify e-commerce platform that gives customers a freedom and easiness to shop online. Customers can easily view the product showcase and place their order with the Shopify store.

 Level Six  Shopify store

Easy navigation allows people to easily go through the store and select the product that they want to buy. The store is integrated with a number of payment gateways that let users can pay by their preferred payment method and the easy & flexible shipping helps them in getting their products as soon as possible and with quality.

Adding all the essential features in your Shopify store is only possible if one can get assistance from an expert Shopify developer. Level Six also take help from professional development company – Gowebbaby. These guys entirely help Level Six in creating a custom Shopify store with all exclusive functionalities that include:-

  • Complete Shopify Store Setup
  • Custom Shopify Theme Design & Layout
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Shopify App Installation
  • Shopify Functionality Customization
  • Update your existing Shopify Store
  • 3rd Party integration
  • Shopify API integration
  • Payment System integration
  • Product Variations
  • Custom reporting
  • Migration from other platforms

8) Surf Side Supply

Surf Side Supply is a brand for men who love the beach and who embrace that lifestyle. Each piece that is designed by Surf Side Supply evokes a sense of comfort and ease. The clothing pieces on this store designed in NYC and made especially for the beach. The shopping store of Surf Side Supply facilitate both buyers and owners as it is created on the best e-commerce platform-Shopify.  Surf Side Supply have easy beautiful store layout with which customer get the confidence to get the products of their choice easily and they can buy their products hassle free.

 Surfside Supply Shopify store

As a custom-designed Shopify store, Surf Side Supply facilitates in accepting orders in seconds, managing international payment gateways, displaying proper categories and their products, maintain social media sharing and browsing made easy and hassle-free.

9) Otium

Otium is a sports clothing line which will provide full sports clothing for athletes from any sport. It is an online store that offers best-in-class sportswear for both men and women at very affordable rates.

Otium Sport  Shopify store

The Shopify store for Otium is created by keeping all the features and functionalities in mind. It has all the features that help end user to select and buy products from their site. People can easily search and navigate the product of their choice with their custom online store. Some of the exceptional features of the store include professional Shopify design, CMS product management, manage, and tracks customer orders, google optimized & integrated social media.

The élite Shopify web-store of Otium is designed by Gowebbaby. They are a first-rate and high-level design agency that helps clients to create an out-of-the-box online store that facilitates them to sell products and services online easily. The team at Gowebbaby team are top-notch in their field. Their ability to develop creative Shopify solutions to the functionality and user experience let their client get the best online presence.


10) Tiny Angler

Tiny Angler launched a new Kids Clothing Shopify Store.  Online store of Tiny Angler provides you collections of the fishing onesie and shirts for kids. With the help of this store, you will be able to get Tiny Angler products for your kids. The Shopify store is truly beneficial for all the users. In addition, it offers you a good opportunity to purchase any item with ease.

Tiny Angler Shopify store

Gowebbaby helps Tiny Angler by creating their online presence with the help of tailored Shopify Ecommerce store. They will perform a number of tasks for a Shopify website. Some of these tasks are:

  • Custom design with your business theme and logo
  • A simple and functional website
  • A search engine optimized website
  • Social Media Integration
  • Integration of shipping methods
  • Integration of third party applications such as those for communication
  • A payment gateway integration among others

All of these 10 Shopify stores for Fashion, T-shirt and Clothing Store are designed by us. So, if you have same business and wish to create your own Shopify store, then contact us today and get your Shopify Store designed and developed quickly and effectively.

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