Top 10 trends of 2015: Plan to increase ecommerce conversion rate

Top 10 trends of 2015: Plan to increase ecommerce conversion rate - GoWebBaby.Com

Top 10 trends which will dominate ecommerce markets in 2015 are adding in customization of products, personality of brands and providing expert live recommendations. These steps will enhance your ecommerce income by bringing a change before your competitors. People all over the world endorse online shopping but are lacking personal touch. Here are the top 10 trends for you to increase ecommerce conversion rate with recommendation on: HOW TO CAPTURE LARGER POTENTIAL OF ECOMMERCE MARKET IN 2015?  Take the following steps and update the changes to jot down higher numbers in the coming year.

Trends to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate:

1. Customization of products will be necessary to increase ecommerce conversion rate

increase ecommerce conversion rate - custom deal to suit each individual

Ecommerce customers are looking for specialized products which will make them stand apart. Everything from shoes to electronics are evolving to match specified needs of an online visitor to increase ecommerce conversion ratio.

2. Mass produce trending will evolve to Personalized Products

increase ecommerce conversion rate - custom designs clothing marketing

Ecommerce customers are moving from big branded products to niche developed targeting products. In such a scenario if brands want to succeed they will have to evolve beyond a name. Customizing and providing need based products is essential in order to retain their ecommerce customer base.

3. Video sizing will beat competitors and increase ecommerce conversion

Ecommerce software development using various videos to aptly determine the size of outfit will benefit ecommerce firms. Ecommerce conversion will increase as the rate of returns and abandonment will decrease with this facility.

4. Customers will design ecommerce products using ecommerce tools

Almost all the ecommerce products will move from colors available to desired color. Full customizable products with large variety will attract the next line of ecommerce customers.

5. Personalization Brands will hike their ecommerce conversion

increase ecommerce conversion rate - Capture personification

Brand creation and promotion will cover people who started ecommerce business, their work and a persona of the website. You can learn about it in depth by referring to, “Personalizing with e-commerce software.”

6. 3D printing technology will target new ecommerce customers

The coming year will introduce 3D printing techniques which will target new ecommerce customers. First movers’ advantage is on the platter and coupled quick deliveries ecommerce will widen into a new arena. You can start with engraving and 3D printing which will add over to your ecommerce conversion rate.

7. Ecommerce conversion will depend on concierge directions

Human Concierge is the new Job profile in ecommerce, where people will work online and communicate with website visitors. This facility is likely to increase ecommerce conversion rate as people tend to rely on advice of experts, especially live human beings.

8. Recommendation based on algorithmic ecommerce software

increase ecommerce conversion rate - live chat helps to retain more customer

Ecommerce developers are creating ecommerce software which will provide revised recommendation based on the following:

  • History of products browsed
  • Previous purchases
  • Trending products
  • Most liked and bought products

9. Integration of Mobile and Desktop shopping experience

Over the last few years, Mobile shopping evolved as a new vertical of shopping. In the coming year, the division between mobile and desktop designing will bridge to provide seamless shopping experience to customers.

10. The FOUR dominating sources of Customer Engagement Review

increase ecommerce conversion rate - Recommendation and suggestion from friends

Mobile, Web, physical, Media and Referral sources are the four major interactions which portray ecommerce website’s picture in customer’s mind. A 360 degree review from all these sources is likely to help ecommerce website recognize needs of customers. On the basis of needs, appropriate changes will increase ecommerce conversion rate up.

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