Volusion vs BigCommerce

It always brings a sign of a smile on the face of the business owners when no amount is charged on the percentage of their sales. Stores can be easily run at more or less a flat monthly rate. The two shopping cart solutions like Volusion and BigCommerce are recommended nowadays that do not charge any transaction fees for utilizing their service. Hence make hay while the sun shines and go for any one of the shopping cart solution. But a question is raised that which one to opt and what are the differences between the two from a price/usability/support standpoint.

What Volusion and BigCommerce Do Well

A personal consultant gets assigned as soon as you sign up for either service. They will contact you by both phone and email. A direct point of contact will be given to you for your help and support, if you are a clueless new shop owner and you have questions in your mind. The consultants from both companies will answer basic questions as well as some of the more technical ones.

Customizing Your Store

There is a learning curve in regards to check out where all of the files reside and what they do. But both the shopping carts separate out core shopping cart functionality from the aesthetics. It can be interpreted that there is no need to deal with the ASP code or Php code. In order to fully customize your store you must know a little HTML/CSS. All of the shopping cart functionality is abstracted from the files which you have access to. Using a smidgen of HTML/CSS and their templates, a decent looking store can be thrown up very quickly.

What BigCommerce Does Better

From the usability and design standpoint the interface design of BigCommerce struck as more modern and hip compared to Volusion. BigCommerce design offers more templates and looks better. The templates of BigCommerce are more eye catching and attractive. It also offers a drag and drop interface from which you can easily reposition the key shopping cart elements by using your mouse. From the feature perspective, Volusion and BigCommerce both are pretty much on par. It has additional features like social media toolbars and YouTube video integration which proves its prominence for the modern marketer of smart customers. Also, the abandoned shopping cart report is one of the useful features which are equipped in BigCommerce and not in Volusion. If a purchaser enters their information and then bails, then you can easily generate a nice report which traces when, where and how often this happens.

What Volusion Does Better

Volusion is in business for over 10 years and hosting many shopping carts already. Their library of tutorials and videos are very vast. They are a more stable player because they’ve been around for so long and have a huge customer database. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Volusion gives support. Although BigCommerce offers phone support, but if you want to contact anyone at any day Volusion is the best choice. A fully PCI compliant store is the thing that Volusion has but BigCommerce don’t have. Other than this one useful feature of Volusion is the ability of sending out the email newsletters to the customers. As email marketing is very important for an online store which facilitates the repeat customers for your business and gaining new customers online, this feature of Volusion is highly profitable. On the other hand BigCommerce only allow you to export email addresses to a file, hence you need to sign up with a separate email marketing service for sending newsletters.

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