20 Interesting Facts You Don't Know About Ecommerce

20 Interesting Facts You Don't Know About Ecommerce - GoWebBaby.Com

Ecommerce is the most popular & most demanding business these days. Everyone know about the ecommerce & its benefits. As well, there are number of platforms for an ecommerce website design such as Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Let's discover the 20 Interesting Facts You Don't Know About Ecommerce in this blog.

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Ecommerce totally change our living style, specially shopping trends. Now, people prefer to buy any product online rather than to visit any website & wasting their time there. People's lives are hectic & they don't want to waste their much time in any process. For this, ecommerce means you can fit into your customer's busy lives, offering the products they want, when they want them as well help them to save their precious time. Ecommerce reduces the delivery time and labor cost thus, it has been possible to save the time of both the seller and the customer also.

Here, I would like to focus on the few interesting facts you don't know about ecommerce. I don't know you have an idea about these or not, but it pleasure to aware you about these facts.

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Interesting Facts You Don't Know About Ecommerce:

1) More than 67% people love to purchase through their mobile rather than laptop, & other system: Everyone knows how to operate a cellphone & use many apps. So, it is very obvious people prefer to phone to purchase the products through mobile.


2) In the beginning of 2015, purchases made with smartphones accounted for 60% of all mobile sales: the smartphone make people crazy & hence, it the reason people prefer to use smartphone rather than any other.

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3) The largest number of online purchases in the world if from Asia & some part of South Korea.


4) Apparel and accessories sales are the fastest growing sector in ecommerce: It is possible because women are more curious about the shopping & they love to purchase such things.


5) 33% of all mobile transaction worldwide completed in the U.S.


6) 68% Canadian & UK people shop the online product outside of their home country.


7) By 2017, mobile commerce will account for 24% of the global ecommerce market.


8) 95% of Twitter users visit retail websites as compared to the other Internet users: It means, every ecommerce business people concentrate & generate more followers on Twitter rather than others.


9) Ecommerce is the fastest growing business: Everyone knows that, because it help customers to save their time & efforts


10) 62% of the U.S. women pay attention to online discount and promotional news.


11) 33% of UK online sales occur after 6 pm: It means, you need to more active after 6 PM.


12) 24% of female UK internet users do not shop online because of a lack of product information: Provide the useful information & clear images to the customers about any product.


13) 21% of all UK retail sales occur online.


14) 26% of female UK internet users do not shop online because of the inconvenience of returning products via the post office.


15) 40% of worldwide internet users have bought products or goods online via desktop, mobile, tablet or other online devices.


16) EBay-owned PayPal is one of the current market leaders with more than 14 billion US dollars in mobile payment volume alone.


17) 69% of tablet owners make a monthly purchase online.


18) UK is the world's 4th largest ecommerce market, after Japan, China and US.


19) Online is a major source of inspiration for gift shoppers


20) More shoppers are than ever are checking a store website before heading out to the physical location.

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