5 Laws of Social Media Marketing

5 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not just a trend anymore; it has become significant for creating a presence in a global market. And it is here to stay. In the last few years, social media marketing platforms have developed to become building blocks of brand awareness. Just like there are laws of physics that manage the behavior of the universe, there are laws that control the behavior of people on social media platforms.

Here are the 5 laws of social media marketing:


It is completely fine if you don't understand everything there is out there on social media platforms. The key here is not being a jack of all trades; rather, the master of one; you just need to identify your area of expertise and foster your skills there. Apart from this, you can always keep learning skills, too. Come up with a strong social media marketing strategy and surround your demographics with it. Learn from all the leading brands that are already there on social media platforms and creating awareness by voicing their unique selling propositions.


What really sets social media platforms apart from all others is its power of listening. These platforms are highly collaborative tools that facilitate you to gain insight of the users' minds and bring out what you need. Doing this also assists you create content while eradicating noise and boosting clarity.


While things can change dramatically overnight with social media platforms, the saying "good things come to those who wait" is precisely true here. You might not be able to get a jumpstart in the starting few months but with the right engaging activities you will boost your popularity score.


In social media marketing, quality always comes before quantity. You are not looking to reel in as many likes or followers as you can in a small period, but try to make good social connections that can help leverage your brand to expand. It is far better to have a hundred connections that talk about you with their peers than having thousands who forget you as soon as they connect with you.


The law of compounding suggests that if you keep putting up high-quality content you should be assured that it will be shared across platforms. This is how it works. Great content shows up on the radar of influencers and they share it with their followers; this later increases your chances of showing up in search results. All you need to do is narrow down the targets and create magic with your creativity and words. Always remember not to go overboard with promotion as the audience might lose interest.

Social media advertising is just one tool that should be in your marketing tool kit, and your social media campaigns should work hand in hand with your other outreach efforts, from direct mail to traditional media advertising.

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