8 Critical WordPress Features That Can Make Your Business Sky-Rocket

8 Critical WordPress Features That Can Make Your Business Sky-Rocket - GoWebBaby.Com

WordPress ecommerce themes are a simple way to set up an online business. In minutes, and for an affordable price, they can be the best ecommerce solution for small or medium-sized businesses with professionally designed pages and optimized layouts. There are thousands of themes in the market, and although it may appear that the only difference among them is aesthetics and design, the truth is that usability and results may vary according to other important details.

For this reason, when choosing the right WordPress ecommerce themes for your business, there are some critical features that you should bear in mind, as they can make a difference in the closing sales rate of your business.

Here is the list 8 critical WordPress features that can make your business sky-rocket:

1. Beautiful versus Effectively Designed

Some of the most important WordPress ecommerce themes aren't exactly beautiful. They are effectively designed. Designers sometimes get obsessed with smooth lines, stylish background colors and nicely spaced fonts. Having a pretty website shouldn't be your goal, having a well-designed site for sales sake should be. Design is responsible for compelling prospects to buy your products.


2. Versatile Ecommerce Platform

WordPress ecommerce themes are changing at light speed. Smaller business can adapt faster to changes than larger companies, and for this reason they can have higher sales value and profit margins. This is why, your ecommerce theme must be flexible, easy to tweak and use with future changes in your mind.


3. Comfortable Product Navigation

The navigation system is one of the most important elements when deciding about your ecommerce theme. From the buyer's point of view, it should be easy to browse among different categories and products, doing it as quickly as possible. Having a good navigation system will mean more sales.


4. Visible Search Box

WordPress ecommerce themes need this important element. Visitors often have a specific item in mind when searching online. A search box is a powerful feature that can position your site, because potential buyers will find you quickly, and it simplifies navigation. WordPress ecommerce themes should have a search box in a prominent position, such as high up in the layout, making the users easier to find what they are looking for.


5. Effective Shopping Cart

WordPress ecommerce themes need this highly functional feature that displays all the products a customer is buying. It is usually the first screen in a checkout process, and it usually displays products in a table matrix format. In a shopping cart there are usually some elements like product name, short product description, price, product image thumbnail, quantity box and total cost of all the products in the shopping cart.


6. Featured products

If your store has products that you want to highlight, you have to put them on the front page of the site with a slideshow at the top of the homepage layout. It can change at set intervals to display the featured products. Below the main slideshow, you can also include a three column thumbnail arrangement with more of these products.


7. Product view filtering and sorting

In WordPress ecommerce themes, it is a feature that can enhance the users to buy as it allows them to find the required product in less time. When displaying a category of products, it filters and sorts products as required. You can filter them by price, type, alphabetically, chronologically, etc.


8. Product images

They are very important in WordPress ecommerce themes. In traditional stores, customers can see and touch the products. Online stores must offer detailed images and features of the products. Images should be beautiful and large, and have a high resolution. Sometimes, visitors drag their mouse and see some areas in greater detail. Images should also contribute to the site's design and make it more compelling for buyers.


WordPress ecommerce themes must be attractive but effective. WordPress design should be aimed at giving more sales, instead of merely aesthetics. A good ecommerce theme can be cost reducing and profit increasing as visitors find products easily and have all the facilities to decide on their shopping.

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