Manage your Entire Online Business with Our All-In-One Solution

Manage your Entire Online Business with Our All-In-One Solution - GoWebBaby.Com

Most enterprise customers have exclusive requirements when it comes to integrating systems and software. Hardly does the “one size fits all” approach yield the results required to build and grow a customer-obsessed business. A great ecommerce ecosystem should never be limited to just one vendor. That’s why we make it easy to connect ecommerce to a wide range of third-party commercial and open source software.

For customers wanting to get up and running quickly, we provide them “All-in-one” solution to them that contain ecommerce configurations. These integrations cover everything from order placing to delivery of finished product. Our all-in-one solution can reduce the time required to integrate ecommerce into your IT ecosystem. For our enterprise customers with highly customized needs, our all-in-one solution has significant experience integrating with a variety of systems.

Do you have your own ecommerce store, and wish to manage the activities from ordering products to complete delivery of the product? Well if yes, then our All-in-one solution is the best option for you.

With Ecommerce store, you can easily sell your products and services online, but selling online is not an easy chore.  Yes, you have to take care of everything from getting orders, making products, quality check and final delivery of product to customer. With our All-in-one solution, you can easily keep track of each and every thing. With ecommerce portal, you can sell your products online. With ERP software, you can easily manage selling process and with CRM, you can deliver the finished product to the customer on the given time.

See how our all-in-one solution help you manage your online business:-

Ecommerce & ERP integration

To start, first of all the user need to register with the ecommerce portal. When the user is registered with the portal, he/she orders any product from the site. Once, the order is placed successfully, it will be created as a work order in ERP automatically.

If the user/customer orders more than 1 product, then more than 1 work order will be created in the system. In addition to this, sales order is also created of all the products ordered by customer in one time for record purpose. The users/customers register on the ecommerce site is also automatically saved as customer in ERP software.

The work order created in ERP is then automatically assigned to the vendor who is going to make (produce) the product. In ERP, you can create different vendors for different products. For example, one vendor will create product of gold only, or another product will create product of silver only, then you will directly assign the production work of particular material to the particular vendor.

Once, the order is completed from the end of vendor, they will pass the product for quality check, then the quality check department will check the quality of the product. You can easily create and save quality check in ERP, so that whenever the vendor passes the product after production, it will directly and automatically assigned to the quality check department.

If the quality of the product is up to the standard, quality check department will pass it and the process move forward. But if quality check department not pass the product quality, then the product is returned to the vendor for proper quality. Once, the product passes the quality check, it will go for delivery.  Delivery part will be managed in CRM.

Talking about finance, then you can manage the finance of your vendors in ERP. The vendors will send you the invoice or bill of their work with the help of ERP and you will easily view the list of bills and invoices created by the vendor.

ERP & CRM Integration

Once the products is produced and quality tested completely, the next step is to deliver the product to the customer. For delivery purpose, our integrated CRM solution will help you.  With CRM, you can track the status of delivery of product anytime and anywhere from your mobile. You can save the information of delivery boys in the system, and then assign the task of delivering product to any particular delivery boy. In addition to this, if the customer returns back the product, you can also save the records of returned products in CRM.

With CRM solution, you can save the list of clients who purchase or register with your website.

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