1 Magento Mobile App To Maximize Your Profit

Off course you want your new online business unique and stand out of the crowd ? Well, for this you need to think out of the box. However acting on such a different idea is crucial. So how about integrating mobile commerce with your existing eCommerce store? Mobile commerce is business activity via phones and mobile devices such as iPhone, Smartphones and tablets. Magento Mobile App Magento allows every merchant to offer their customers with mobile multi-channel experience. Mobile commerce or “mCommerce” is one of the fastest evolving concept today. Shopping from Mobile devices – New behavior of the consumers are pushing ecommerce stores to implement a mobile solution as number of mobile shoppers are increasing exponentially. The essential here concern is how your eCommerce site is configured on the mobile phones and how the different apps would allow your visitors to buy products from a retailer . These Apps enables a merchant to deliver a mobile powered store for your consumer, it also lets them to perform their purchases from Magento stores from their smart-phones. Today due to increasing number of Mobile users, Mobile Apps are simply important feature of any eCommerce project. However, by this time, you have the most obvious enquiry in your mind, that is, how are the mobile Apps important? To help you with your query, let me through some light on important features of Magento Mobile Commerce.

Mobile Apps offers updates and notification:

It is nice to get the notifications and other updates about wish-lists from mCommerce Apps. On the top it ensures any types of modifications Magento website gets are reflected in the mobile commerce app instantly.

Mobile Apps manages customer account:

Being an eCommerce owner you will always be keen to know your customer’s account information. Hence in order to receive your customer account information of periodic basis, Magento mCommerce Apps are significant.

Mobile Apps integrate payment gateway with mCommerce:

MCommerce application allows the merchant to easily accept payment via gateways such as PayPal or Money Bookers. Just like website payment ways, payment through mCommerce application is also safe and secured.

User friendly shopping cart:

Offering a user-friendly shopping cart, mobile Apps helps consumers to update/ modify products from the shopping cart view total/ subtotal and even update the quantities of item. Better analysis with extreme details by mCommerce Apps for your online store! So here are the names of a few best known mCommerce Apps that you may opt and implement with your business. The famous five apps for retail store are :
  • Ebay Mobile
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Conde Nast’s Lucky magazine
Wait no more Catch the palm of your customer with the mCommerce Apps and offer joy to your shoppers.


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