14 Magento Support Resources and Comparison With Other CMS

Magento SupportYou could find dozens of eCommerce Platforms which are used for custom web development. Among those platforms Magento is fastest growing eCommerce platform. Open-source platform makes it an affordable and easy choice for a wide range of business websites. Here is the list of Magento resources that would help you to know more about Magento :

Support ResourcesMagento Mobile App To Maximize Your Profit - Mobile commerce or “mCommerce” is one of the fastest evolving concept today. Mobile commerce is business activity via phones and mobile devices such as iPhone, Smartphones and tablets Why Refactoring Magento Store To Responsive Design is Smart Move – Post explains about benefits of moving to responsive design for your existing store on magento platform. It is the solution for every online store owner, who are looking for fully functional and responsive website that fits into the changing trend. Magento AutoShip To Complete Orders Automatically - Magento team has created an Auto Ship Track feature that is an automatic shipping module for Magento. The goal for creating such an feature i.e. auto ship track is to smoothen the work flow of shipment process. More details in the post. Top 5 creative websites using Magento Ecommerce – This post has a collection of some of the best designed website using Magento. It is also explained in the post , what are the benefits, enjoyed by these brands who opted Magento for their eCommerce websites. 5 Reasons To Pick Magento for Your eCommerce Platform - There are many reasons, why Magento is one of the best eCommerce platform. The post explains major reasons for switching to Magento.

Magento Extensions

Top 4 Magento Quickbooks Integration Extensions – This post enlists and explains about Quickbooks like THUB and Magento datalink and other important Magento Extensions.

Magento Comparison

Magento VS Volusion - Based on some of the most important points, this post compares Magento and Volusion; including advantages and disadvantages of both the platform focused upon individual business requirements. Magento VS PrestaShop – There are different requirements for business owners to use Magento and Prestashop. Both are open source eCommerce platforms but offer different level of controls over functionality and customization. Magento Vs BigCommerce – A bird eye view over both the platforms – importance for small or large business websites etc. This post compares these popular eCommerce platforms for variable business options. Magento VS ZenCart – A detailed comparison over 12 of the major factors. These factors are needed in every eCommerce platform in order to offer the best functioning eCommerce website. Magento Vs Amazon Webstore – These are two of the most sought after eCommerce platforms. Both offer support for inventory, accounts and free trail options. Still there are features which differentiates these platforms. Magento VS Shopify – Post compares these two platforms based on usability – Like Shopify offers lesser customization options than Magento, however Shopify is less complicated and more suited for small business. Magento VS OpenCart – if you are unable to decide between Magento and Opencart for your business. This post explains about differences and similarities, so help you understand and decide. Magento V/S WordPress – However both the platforms are amazon certified but Wordpress is more suitable for small business as it is easier to publish, but offers less customization options like Magento.
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