Magento Vs BigCommerce

Today you are having no dearth of eCommerce platform to choose among many available platforms,It becomes more complicated to choose which one is best for your online eCommerce business. Challenge lies in choosing the best and effective platform for your business not the best available according to others. As a owner of a web design company I have seen many a cases in which customer end of choosing the wrong one for their businesses. They have been mesmerized by the articles and reviews found on internet about the specialty of various eCommerce platform instead of choosing the right one for them. Believe me, If you are new in this business and have less knowledge about internet you must refer to a consultant or professional web design company before choosing the right product for you, after all it is the matter of your business. But through this article I will discuss about two of the popular eCommerce platform available Magento and BigCommerce. Let us make it simpler to decide which platform is good for your business.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform known for its time effective assembly and is a very easy tool to convert your conception into real online store. It helps in grouping the most common eCommerce features into a single package. These features are arranged in such a manner so that they fit into the basic requirements of a eCommerce store. It can be customized by the aid of a developer to have a complete professional look with essential functionality, which leads to a professionally branded successful online store. BigCommerce provides optional template for mobile devices. While using it you can set up your store but it will not get the desired customization what you want because it just inherits the BigCommerce mobile template which all of its stores uses. So your store end up looking similar to that of other BigCommerce stores. That means your creativity will add no value to it. However you can opt to turn off this facility for your store and let it resort to the custom design for computer screens provided by us. This design will look good and operate smoothly on mobile devices. Now a days responsive layouts are the solutions mostly favored by the online store owners and developers and it is also the best tool to cater mobile crowd. It means that in real time your online store does not need a separate mobile interface layout, it can rearrange itself to better suit a smaller screen. BigCommerce does not provide efficient and effective method of including responsive designs and  it is quite expensive also.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open source eCommerce web application which is launched on March, 2008. It is built by using an open source object-oriented web application framework implemented in PHP 5 called Zend framework. It is a product of Magento Inc. Magento rich feature set and ability to be customized can inspire you to evolve your store into a unique, layered selling channel. Its ability to be customized can also be a shortcoming - it takes more effort to deliver a completed Magento solution. More time is required to get your store customized and operating. The best thing is that there are less limits in regards to how your Magento store can be customized. If you’re thinking to expand, Magento will allow you to make changes that are unique and effective. If you are willing to spend more and have a vision of growing your store with a rapid growth rate, then you must opt for Magento because of its vast features which helps to customize your store according to your need.

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