Magento VS Volusion

Magento VS Volusion

Searching the best shopping cart which perfectly suits your business requirements is a elongated process . There are few people who actually find the perfect platform for their shopping website. I would like to compare and throw some light on two of the well known eCommerce solutions: Volusion platform and Magento cart.

Magento VS Volusion

Volusion is a paid shopping cart. It is a backbone for about 45 000 ecommerce websites since 1999. Volusion is fundamentally a cart that does all this tasks for you. It is a hosted solution that offers you with secure hosting and thousands out of the box features. This platform is well-known for simplicity of use and self-generated interface.

Magento VS Volusion

Magento shopping cart entered an explosive way in eCommerce industry in the year 2008. Today Magento is powering about 120 000 online shopping stores and acknowledged as on of the best open source solution. Magento is acquirable in free and paid both versions . So why is it so popular? The reason “level of customization” !

All you need to do is to hire developers who would help you to develop your shopping websites or do everything you wish for your online store. Magento shopping cart offers practically unlimited scope with its default functions like unlimited customization possibilities which are also at your disposal.

Indeed Magento is more complicated solution than Volusion. Magento demands advanced level of programming abilities. So a merchant has to hire an advanced developer to make Magento work perfectly.

So in my view Magento vs Volusion comparison it is significant to notify the best eCommerce features of each platform along with their weaknesses.

Volusion Advantages

  • Marketing : Hundreds of functions like cross sells, testimonials, ratings discounts . One of the best marketing tools in Volusion is for selling from Facebook, eBay with tablets/ mobile phones.
  • Reporting : Powerful system of business reports will help you to find out profit margins and other micro details about visitor trends.
  • SEO Tools : Strong collection of tools that can help you to improve Google, Yahoo and other search engines rankings.

Volusion Disadvantages

  • Servers Issues : If we believe Volusion eCommerce solutions reports in the last few month company’s servers went down a many times. The outcome was many merchants lost lots of money.
  • Technical Support : Volusion used to have very responsive support recent feedback about technical support were not at all positive.

Magento Advantages

  • Multi-Store : It is one of the top features that allows merchants to handle many stores from just a single admin panel. It will helps to target and segregate customers. On the top of that multi-language feature Magento can become an optimum solution for international e-businesses.
  • Payment and Shipping : Magento cart supports almost each and every shipping/ payment gateways that includes UPS, FedEx , PayPal, Google Checkout, DHL and many more.

Magento Disadvantages

  • Complex : Magento is difficult to operate not for the Managers even for programmers. It has a complex PHP framework, hence professional customization will require only experts.
  • Buggy. Yes thats true - Magento has a number of technical errors those are visible during mass import. However, most of the errors can be set if instructions from official forum or documentation are followed.
So we have seen that both of the solutions can become your own destination platforms. Remember Magento requires more technical skills suits better in large organizations. On the other hand Volusion can let you setup the store in a day and sell on the spot. Still, it has less options for customization. Volusion platform is decidedly a better option for an eCommerce starters with small / middle size ecommerce website.
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