Top 4 Magento Quickbooks Integration Extensions

Magento Quickbooks Integration Extensions

QuickBooks software for accounting is one of the best business accounting products available today. This software comes in four variants including Online, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. The former one is web-based while the next three are for stand alone systems. QuickBooks is the market leader in accounting software market for small business. For any small eCommerce businesses, QuickBooks is just same as an accounting software as it is for any traditional businesses. For an ecommerce owner it is significant to know, that all eCommerce platforms do not integrate with your desired (or even any) accounting software products. Lets take a quick look at some top-grade ways to integrate QuickBooks with a Magento eCommerce store.

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eCC: Accounting Integration for Shipping Automation and Inventory

eCC, is Magento-approved extension (third party). eCC completely integrate QuickBooks with any Magento eCommerce store. This extension helps to get rid of manual entries for customer and order information from the web store to QuickBooks. However eCC automates the e-business activities and lets you appear updated with every order. eCC also lets merchants to process payments, create shipping labels, sync orders and inventory between Magento and QuickBooks. eCC works in both versions of Magento – Community/ Enterprise . The latest versions of QuickBooks works smoothly as it is compatible with shipping processors like UPS, WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager and a few more. eCC works great with transaction methods like, PayPal, and QuickBooks Merchant Service.

T-HUB for QuickBooks

T-HUB is a well known Magento-approved extensions for Magento and QuickBooks Integration. As per its description T-HUB let merchants to download orders from Magento, ship using UPS, FedEx, USPS; and forward/ transfer transactions details to QuickBooks. T-HUB is compatible with most of the latest QuickBooks editions; including Pro, Premier or Enterprise. T-HUB is only released for Magento Community Edition. Enterprise edition is not supported with this this extension.


Magento DataLink for QuickBooks

Magento Connector for QuickBooks/ Magento DataLink is an important extension for Integration with Quickbooks. Magento Connector lets a company to totally enhance the features available in QuickBooks program. This extension automates the data transfer process completely for Magento store with QuickBooks. Magento DataLink could enhance gross income as it eliminates costs like data entry, reducing the the possibility of data entry mistakes, and ultimately reduces the shipping time and the order is placed. The information on the Magento extension site is not mentioned even about versions of QuickBooks magento is compatible with; however it is valid extension for Magento Community version only.


Magento Order Export Module

The main purpose for Magento Order Export Module was not developed to integrate it with QuickBooks. However it lets merchants to upload/ export CSV files about order data. Which can later be imported into a several backend applications and QuickBooks is one of such applications. Magento Order Export is totally different from all the above mentioned extensions as it does not automates process. It demands an extra step between Magento and QuickBooks. it definitely saves a lot of time from manual typing orders to QuickBooks. There is very less probability that any other accounting extension for Magento can perform better than Quickbooks. If you believe our analysis - eCC and T-HUB are one of the best options available. If you want our help to provide custom Solution to integrate Magento with Quickbooks please contact us. We have expertise in integrating you website with Quickbooks. If you are looking for complete Cloud based ERP system then you can also check this - And to manage your sales team you can go with -

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