Why Refactoring Magento Store To Responsive Design is A Smart Move?

Magento Responsive Design Recently we have been assigned task of refactoring a traditionally fixed layout of magento to a responsive design. You must be wondering whether you need magento responsive web design for your eCommerce store or not? But the answer is sooner or later you need to switch to responsive design.

Why Refactoring is important?

We all know that Magento is the best and most popular eCommerce platform offers lot of custom features to build a complete online store. It is very well known assumption that around 57% of internet user now browse internet through their mobile phone another 40% with tablets and rest 23% traditionally with their desktop computers. Well in my point of view these assumptions are correct and the percentage of mobile or handheld device owner will increase significantly in coming future also. This would boost the internet user who browse through mobile or tablet PCs. By keeping in mind this giant shift in user trend an apt eCommerce website owner should also take some corrective measures to boost his online store’s sales and competency. This can be done by taking right decision at the right time because if you would be late in taking this vital decision at the right time you may have a chance of losing a large customer base.

What is a responsive Magento design?

Till now we have understood why refactoring is important in today’s eCommerce business scenario? Now we will discuss what is a responsive Magento design. If there is continuous growth in smartphone users there would be need to respond to this change in trend and this could be done by adapting to the responsive design technique of web development. This technique was launched on 2010. It allow users to view their websites across all devices, such as, computers, tablets, smartphones. Its design affects not only the overall layout and design, but also images, videos, and amount of text viewed on the page.

Benefits of responsive design:

  • Responsive design saves money: Advantages are very obvious: rather than building multiple websites for various screen sizes of computer and smartphone/tablets, you need to have single website that always displays your content which automatically fits into the device’s screen size. Apart from fitting in to screen size this is also unaffected for platform or browser used. Not only it reduces your development cost but also saves lot of money by reducing operation cost of maintaining multiple sites.
  • Best of Magento features: One more important reason to get a responsive Magento website design because of its extensive features. Most important of them is Magento’s SEO friendliness which boost your website search probability and also decrease your time and effort significantly.
  • Reduces multi management: Unlike before now you need to do SEO for only one website and all of your traffic would come to single site other than multiple sites earlier you had, subsequently increases your online revenue.
Isn’t it the solution for every online store owner? who want’s to get a fully functional and responsive website that fits into the changing trend. But if you are a Magento website owner, it is recommended that you take help of an experienced team of Magento developers.
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