30 Best Shopify Apps to Boost the Online Visibility of your Shopify Webstore

30 Best Shopify Apps to Boost the Online Visibility of your Shopify Webstore


Shopify is an exceptional eCommerce platform for businesses of any size. It’s affordable and accessible for the new eCommerce startup and also offers an enterprise solution for large and growing businesses with Shopify Plus.

One of the great things about Shopify is their wide-ranging selection of apps. The library is vast, so I have made it super simple for you to find the top Shopify apps to make the most of your business's success.

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Here are 30 best Shopify Apps to boost the online visibility of your Shopify webstore:-

1) Recurring Orders Shopify Bold App

The Recurring Orders app facilitates you to sell recurring products, or even a complete recurring cart, on your Shopify store. Customers just select how frequently they want their order to reappear, and then every month the app automatically charges the customer's credit card and generates the order in your Shopify order admin. You don't have to worry about a thing; the app does it all for you, and you can just process orders as normal!

Recurring Orders Shopify Bold App


2) Product Discount Shopify Bold App

With Product Discount Shopify Bold App, you can run sales just like a brick and mortar store does. By decreasing the price! PLUS what's even better you can run a sale on just certain brands, collections, handpicked segments, product types, or even store wide! Coupons will always have their place, but when you wish to run a sale, you want your customers to know promptly that there's a sale on!

Product Discount Shopify Bold App


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3) Product Upsell Shopify Bold App

With the product upsell app you will have the ability to create as many offers as you want that are presented to customers at the last minute point of checkout. The real magic of it is that you can offer them a single product, or multiple products based on what's currently in their cart. So for example if they buy a camera you can give them a memory card to go along with it, but if they purchase a laptop, it will offer them a laptop case. Brilliant!

Product Upsell Shopify Bold App


4) Social Autopilot Shopify Bold App

This app helps you to tweet whenever you list a new product or publish a new blog. With this Shopify Bold app, you can set the intervals to any hour span you like so it doesn't clutter your Twitter feed making you look like a Tweeting Robot! You can create multiple templates for the tweets, so they're different every time.

Social Autopilot Shopify Bold App

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5) Product Options Shopify Bold App

The product options app allows you to bulk apply options to thousands of products with one click. This app have a lot of features in it, which mainly include drop-down single, drop-down multiple, single text entry, multiple text entry, file uploads, calendar date picker, radio buttons, image uploads, multiple select checkboxes, check boxes, multiple text entry, and much more!

Product Options Shopify Bold App


6) Customer Pricing Shopify Bold App

The customer pricing app allows you quickly and easily setup as many different price levels as you require in your Shopify store. Once your customers log in, they will see their assigned prices instead of your regular prices. This app also eliminates the need for two separate stores to offer wholesale pricing to your resellers and even can auto tag customers to fit into different price levels based on your pre-set criteria.

Customer Pricing Shopify Bold App


7) Quantity Breaks Shopify Bold App

Quantity breaks app will let you create different price tiers for products based on the quantity a customer buys. Example: You can set it up so a customer can buy 5 of any product in a group to get 10% off. (Buy 5 or more of any hat and receive 10% off).

Quantity Breaks Shopify Bold App


8) The Motivator Shopify Bold App

This is a simple yet brilliant app. It gives you an elegant way to motivate your customers to spend a little bit more each time they add something to their cart... And it works! The Motivator app works by adding a strapline to the top of your store with a message you can set and which looks at the value of the basket the customer has.

The Motivator Shopify Bold App


9) Product Bundles Shopify Bold App

This new app allows you to offer special sales when customers buy a "Bundle" of items. It displays the selected bundle items below the product and customers can click "Add Bundle" to add all the bundle items to their cart and receive a bundle discount. If they don't click "Add Bundle" but add each item individually from each own product page, they will still receive the bundle discount.

Product Bundles Shopify Bold App


10) Store Locator Shopify Bold App

Store Locator allows you to put your brick and mortar retail locations and places where people can buy your products on a map. This app is always free for your first shop – only pay if you have more than one shop.

Store Locator Shopify App


11) Recurring Donations Shopify Bold App

This app allows you to accept one-time or recurring donations on your Shopify store. The recurring donations can be weekly, monthly, yearly, etc... You can also add goals with live progress bars to show your customers the total goal amount and exactly where you are about it. People love to see charities reach their goals!

Recurring Donations Shopify Bold App


12) Marketplace by Bold

Marketplace by Bold app allows you to turn your store into a marketplace like Amazon, or Etsy, where merchants can submit their products to be listed on your store! When one of their products sell they handle everything related to the shipping, and you take a commission. Basically, the same way Amazon or Etsy operate, where you're the "Amazon" or "Etsy".

Marketplace by Bold


13) Recurring Memberships Shopify Bold App

This app allows you to run any membership on your Shopify store and charge a recurring membership fee for it. From sophisticated memberships that show different content, blogs, or change something on your site, to basic memberships for offline services such as fitness classes, piano lessons, or any other type of membership. This app does it all!

Recurring Memberships Shopify Bold App


14) Returns Manager Shopify Bold App

Returns Manager is an App that allows store owners and their customers to manage easily and track returns on products that need to be sent back, exchanged or refunded. Customers love it because they can create returns, track them, and communicate with the store owners without having to set up a user account.

Returns Manager Shopify Bold App


15) Product Builder Shopify Bold App

Product Builder is an advanced Shopify app which enables users to create completely custom products, and it is currently being used by stores selling ladders, headbands, guitars, trophies, fishing rods, and more.  This Shopify app includes inventory tracking, support for 2D and 3D product images, conditional logic options, and more.

Product Builder Shopify Bold App


16) Custom Orders Shopify Bold App

The Custom Order app is the only app for Shopify that allows you to create and modify products on the fly when you enter orders! As well, it's the only app that allows you to manage your orders with unlimited custom statuses that automatically update your customers. Oh, and it's a faster way to enter orders, too!

 Custom Orders Shopify Bold App


17) Buy the Measurement Shopify Bold App

The Buy the Measurement app allows you to sell products by any measurement you can imagine! Area, Volume, Weight, Time or even combinations of them. You simply create the measurement fields and then you create the formula you want to be applied to it (for example Length * Width etc.) The possibilities are endless!

Buy the Measurement Shopify Bold App


18) Order Manager Shopify Bold App

Order Manager is an enterprise/client-based application that allows customers of the Shopify eCommerce platform to manage fully their direct to consumer order flow and client relations, with hands-off interfacing to your fulfillment center and financial/ERP system.

Order Manager Shopify Bold App


19) Loyalty Points by Bold

Loyalty Program app automatically promotes customers to a membership level and unlock discount codes you specify depends on their total spent. This app gives customers points when they buy something, which they can later redeem as a form of payment on a purchase.

Loyalty Points by Bold


20) Sales Manager for Shopify POS

The sales manager app allows you to run all the sales you've always wanted to on your Shopify POS! BOGO Sales, Daily Deals, Power Hour Sales, Storewide Sales, Spend Something - Get Something Sales and much more!

Sales Manager for Shopify POS


21) Windows 8 App

This app allows Shopify store owners (You), without any coding knowledge, to turn your Shopify store into an actual app for Windows 8 desktops and tablets! It takes all your existing collections & products and automatically builds a Windows 8 app version of your store, that your customers can then install on their desktop or tablet.

Windows 8 App


22) Recurring Billing Shopify Recharge App

This app provides a fantastic option for accepting recurring payments with Shopify. You can create payment and shipping intervals regarding months, weeks, or days to both charge and send goods to customers. You can keep your current checkout flow, and customers can purchase both recurring and non-recurring products at once within the same checkout.

Recurring Billing Shopify Recharge App


23) ALT Text

With this must have Shopify app, you don’t have to worry about writing the alternative texts manually for all images. It dynamically generates alt texts from product information like product Name, product Category, store name, etc. as you set it up. The best thing is you have to set it up once and it will syncs with new products automatically. This will improve search engine visibility of your product images drastically.

ALT Text Shopify App


24) Crowd Content

Crowd Content is an excellent tool to get exceptional contents for your store or blog. We are calling it a tool but truly a team of writers behind the tool do the job of writing. You just need to connect your store with the app so you can select the products from your store and ask for freshly written product descriptions. Once the writers are done, you can update it on your store.

Crowd Content Shopify App


25) Happy Ending

With this Shopify app, you can take customer satisfaction to another level by sending a personalized order confirmation mail with a friendly message or a video. You can even customize your default “Thank You” page by integrating with your social media profiles or pages. It helps to turn your customers into social followers for future engagement!

Happy Ending Shopify App


26) Compass

This must have Shopify app connects all those data sources as you wish, collects data and generate those metrics (e.g. Customer Lifetime Value) which matters most for an eCommerce business. You can even set up automated reports to save a lot of time for regular monitoring.

Compass Shopify App


27) Facebook Store

Facebook Store lets you showcase and sell products directly on your Facebook Page. Customers can share their favorite products with their friends, and you can reach more customers and drive more traffic to your store.

Facebook Store Shopify App


28) Vantage

The Vantage app helps you identify trends in your store and then suggests actions you can take that will lead to more traffic and sales. Whether it understands your current customers or helping you find new ones, Vantage helps you uncover important store insights.

Vantage Shopify App


29) Chimpified

Chimpified allows you to integrate your Mail chimp account with your Shopify store. With Chimpified, you can automatically add your customers to Mail chimp, target email campaigns based on buying behavior, and easily promote your store with email marketing.

Chimpified Shopify App


30) Retail Tower

Retail Tower provides seamless integration between your store and shopping comparison engines. It automates feed submission to popular shopping engines such as Google, Amazon, Bing, TheFind and more.

Retail Tower Shopify App



If you have gone through the list, you already know how these apps can intensely change the way your store is running. But only making use of these Shopify apps may not guarantee you the success for your business. You have to be stay updated with your customer’s expectation and latest conversion techniques to optimize the way you use these apps. We will also like to hear from you about any other apps you have found useful for your Shopify store.

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