How Strategic Email Campaigns Can Be Used To Accelerate Your Shopify Store Sales?

How Strategic Email Campaigns Can Be Used To Accelerate Your Shopify Store Sales?


Setting up a suitable email campaign is a smart way to retain your Shopify customers rapidly. Consider customers purchasing product A from your Shopify store but abandoning the cart before completing the payment. As a store owner, you want to follow up with customers, don't you? 

Yet, it felt odd to send push notifications randomly. Then start building a strategy to grow your email listing and set up an automated campaign for the Shopify store. 

Table of content

  • What is an Email Campaign strategy? 
  • How to build a strategy for a Shopify email campaign?
    • Be simple
    • Use automation email marketing tools for Shopify 
  • why do you need an email campaign strategy for the Shopify store? 
  • Wrapping Up 

1.What is an Email Campaign Strategy? 

Email campaign strategy is creating an advertisement or follow-up bulk emails for a cluster of customers at once. There are a lot of ways to build an email list to run such campaigns for Shopify stores. Some of them are,

  • Sign up / contact form
  • Coupons for customers 
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Rewards after purchase action 
  • Complete CTA to grab hidden gifts 

Email listing can be built as modestly as above. To enhance the Shopify store sale, a clear-cut strategy should be created to run an email campaign. Want to know how it's done? Let's get into it. 

2.How to Build a Strategy for a Shopify Email Campaign?  

Begin your typical Shopify email marketing strategies by following a few steps as follows, 

Be Simple

Don't push too hard on customers. Forcing them to buy products makes them regret the shopping experience. To avoid unstable Shopify store balance, learn to build simple email marketing for customers. 

Follow up with customers based on the optimal time. Start sending out mail after 3 days. Don't display too many ads for customers. Show them the quality of your products to the customers in an easy way. They'll buy it eventually. 

For implementing such a campaign, you need to install the best email marketing tools for Shopify

Use automation email marketing tools for Shopify 

Automated Shopify email marketing allows you to set up a whole campaign from choosing email templates to follow-up the customer journey till they make a purchase. The best part is you don't have to send out mail manually to all customers. You can set time-based trigger mail to send out to all customers at once. Think it's a bit much? 

The process is so simple,

Step 1: Choose the email template based on requirements like first sign up, abandoned carts and so on.  

Step 2: Customize Shopify email template of your own choice 

Step 3: Track email performance 

Step 4:Set trigger to generate automated email on a time basis. 

Here's a curated list of the best automated email marketing plugins for the Shopify store,

Choose the ideal tool and start building the ultimate Shopify email campaign in a minute. 

3.Why do you need an email campaign strategy for the Shopify store?

Email Marketing strategies are essential to track the complete Shopify customer journey till the end. 

Creating effective strategies requires a few aspects 

Template - Should be attractive and colorful to procure a positive impact on customers at first sight.  

Catchy Headlines - Most of the users ignore the mail due to boring subject lines. Scroll it out to the next mail sometimes. To overcome those difficulties, create enticing subject headlines for Shopify emails. 

Collect data - before heading to the automated email, scrape the data of your customers like things they like to buy or needed trendy products from your site. Get to the pain point. 

Offer rewards - Some buyers hesitate to purchase products to save some money or even to gain profit out of them. For those kinds of scenarios, try to offer a loyalty reward program at your Shopify store.

Categorize emails - classifications of email campaigns based on demographics and customer persona. This will help you to send out the mail to the promising customers at the right time.

These strategies help the eCommerce store to get a decisive outcome as,

  • Boost the store sales and profit. 
  • Captivate and retain your customers easily.  
  • Increase customer loyalty at your store. 
  • Saves time and reaches a high number of audiences at once. 
  • Brand credibility will be improved. 
  • Get a persistent relationship with your customers. 

4.Wrapping Up

To provide a great shopping experience for your customer, make the process run under AI automation for Shopify. This simplifies the whole process for buyers and with the right email marketing strategy, you can analyze and pursue the customer's journey and create follow-up emails easily for all sorts of shoppers in a single place. Make them complete their shopping. Start earning more revenue at your store. 

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