Know why Shopify is better than Magento GO

Years ago, if you were looking for an e-commerce website for your company, you would be faced with assembling a team of web developers to build you something from scratch. But in present days and age, there are numerous great platforms available for small and medium sized businesses that make them capable to better serve their customers. Two of these platforms are Shopify and Magento. Both the ecommerce platforms are used to create webstore but Shopify is more easier to manage than Magento. If you wish to know why Shopify is better than Magento, then this article will help you to know this:- Shopify vs Magento

Here is how they measure up:


Both Magento Go and Shopify are free trial eCommerce platforms so that you can try them before you purchase them. After the free trials, both charge once-a-month fees - Shopify from between 19-110 pounds a month and Magento from 9.99 to 79.99 pounds. Shopify charges transaction fee of a 1 or 2% on all but its most exclusive tariff but with limitless bandwidth, while Magento Go has no transaction fees but a bandwidth limit of 4GB. Migrate to Shopify


We all know that it’s the little things that make a website. And while Magento Go offers a range of slightly more cutting-edge and exceptional features for marketing and reporting promotions, Shopify is much more simple to use, with a built in blog function that Magento cannot match. So, if you are looking for lesser load and want all-inclusive features, Magento may be finest platform, but if you are in quest of something that provides great outcomes with little efforts, Shopify proves to be the best.


Shopify takes home the Oscar when it comes to the speediness of the system. And thanks to its unlimited bandwidth, it does not matter how much data you upload or download. When it comes to installation, Magento Go takes longer to install and set up than its challenger, which utilizes its web-based shopping cart to start a store instantaneously.


Shopify starts to come into its own. Designers love Shopify as it is much more easy and adaptable to design, far than Magento Go and it facilitates you to modify CSS, HTML and scripts while Magento Go only helps you in adapting just CSS. But while Magento Go offers hundreds of themes than Shopify, Shopify has superior quality design bases.

Customer service

Unfortunately, things can go wrong with any ecommerce platform and, when they do, you have to speak to specialists to solve the issue. Shopify is greatest for that reason - its customer assistance teams are quicker and tend to offer more detail services than Magento Go, while its active online community users are an unconditionally valuable resource if you have a problem. Know More About SHOPIFY>> Switch Amazon webstore to Shopify
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