Shopify Latest Update - Changes to sales channels in Shopify

Shopify has made some changes to the sales channels in your admin. These changes affect how you access your sales channels, how you change their settings, and how you view their sales data.

Access your active sales channels

Previously, all of your active sales channels appeared separately on the sidebar in your Shopify admin:
Admin channel pages
They now appear under the Sales Channels heading instead:
Sales channels new

View sales channel settings

Settings pages that are related to specific sales channels now appear under the related sales channel, instead of under the general Settings menu in your Shopify admin. For example, to add a password to your storefront, you previously had to click Settings, and then click Online Store. You now need to clickSales Channels, Online Store, and then Preferences. You can now add or remove sales channels from the Manage channels page in your Shopify admin, instead of from the sales channel settings page.

View sales channel overviews

Some sales channels had Overview pages that displayed recent sales and other data about the sales channel's performance. This information now appears on your Shopify Home, where you can filter the overview to show results for a specific sales channel.   Create Shopify Store
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