Top 50 Shopify Themes for your eCommerce Store

Top 50 Shopify Themes for your eCommerce Store

So, ready to create your Shopify store? Great, but have to select the theme that makes your store look beautiful as well as professional? No? Don’t worry at all; I am here to suggest you some of the best Shopify themes. You can pick the one that goes well with your business type and most importantly, your choice. In addition, you can use the following link to spy on other Shopify stores and check what Shopify theme is being used.

Here is the list of top 50 Shopify themes for your eCommerce store:-

1) Minimal

Minimal is an extensive layout responsive theme that lets you feature a slideshow, products, collections, promotional images, and the content of a page on your homepage. It comes with a zoom-in function for your product images.

Minimal Shopify Theme

2) Maker

With Maker theme, small and large entrepreneurs get a fully-featured Shopify storefront. This theme is responsive, have multi-level navigation, flexible product as well as collection page layout. Also, this theme has smart social sharing and mail chimp integration.

Maker Shopify Theme

3) Venture

The venture is a mobile-first, bold theme designed for high volume stores. Features include multi-column drop-down menus, a promotional bar, and an edge-to-edge slideshow.

Venture Shopify Theme

4) Boundless

Boundless is a photography first theme with a minimal UI that features end-to-end photography. Boundless is mobile-first and suitable for stores with medium to large inventories.

Boundless Shopify Theme

5) New Standard

New Standard theme has minimalist and clean design, which makes it a perfect option for selling any kind of product. It is one of the most feature-rich themes to date, with its signup form, Twitter integration, filterable collections and much more.

New Standard Shopify Theme

6) Supply

Perfect for stores with huge inventories, Supply theme is designed to make it quick and easy to browse through all the products and categories your store has to offer. Features comprise multiple homepage collections, prominent navigation, easy integration with the Product Reviews app and sidebar filtering.

Supply Shopify Theme

7) Solo

Solo is designed to let your store look great no matter what type of business you run. This theme is ideal for stores with small- to medium-sized inventories. Features include a rearrangeable homepage, the ability to showcase a single product front and center, a responsive design and all our other standard features.

Solo Shopify Theme

8) Simple

Simple is a free eCommerce template officially supported by Shopify. It works as well on mobile devices as it does on large monitors. It features sleek animations, easy to customize settings and subcategories that appear if your products have tags.

Simple Shopify Theme

9) Pop

Ideal for stores with small- to medium-sized inventories, Pop is designed around a large sidebar navigation that keeps your content readily accessible. The theme also includes a responsive design, a fly-out shopping cart, a rearrangeable homepage, and four modern styles to start with.

Pop Shopify Theme

10) Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a custom-built theme for the modern apparel store. Features include a mobile-first responsive design, an edge-to-edge homepage hero, unique typography, a dynamic product grid, and product pages with at-a-glance accessibility for each size.

Brooklyn Shopify Theme

11) Classic

Classic is a Shopify theme that is well-matched for online stores offering an extensive range of products. In many ways, this free Shopify template is like the Supply templates in its layout style and options. If you are an online business with many different products, this theme may be a good choice for you.

Classic Shopify Theme

12) Lookbook

Lookbook is a fashion inspired the photography-first theme for Shopify merchants looking to showcase their product photography to tell a story. Supports customer accounts, drop-downs and has a fantastic slide-out cart. Best for shops with high-resolution photography.

Lookbook Shopify Theme

13) Kickstand

Kickstand theme is the ideal theme for starter sites with a robust eCommerce store. The new theme allows selling up to 5 products and especially targets graduates.

Kickstand Shopify Store

14) Responsive

Responsive is an elegantly minimal theme that dynamically adjusts for all screen sizes and devices. Highly customizable options for beautiful typography, drop-down menus, Quick Shop buttons, optional collection sidebar, slideshows and product page videos plus much more!

Responsive Shopify Theme

15) Retina

Retina is an award-winning, brilliantly crafted theme for high-quality products. Voted the best in eCommerce design by distinguished industry leaders, Retina comes packed with next-generation features and flexible theme settings. Featuring support for high-res product images, responsive layout for widescreen and mobile devices, dedicated sidebar, product videos and much more.

Retina Shopify Theme

16) Mobilia

Mobilia is a beautifully responsive Shopify theme that seamlessly adapts to all screen sizes and devices. Featuring a stunning full-width slideshow, highly customizable font and color settings, Quick Shop overlays, home page collections, product variant images, multi-level drop downs, product page videos and legendary customer support.

Mobilia Shopify Theme

17) Parallax

A truly high fashion theme for fashion, clothing or accessories store, we call it Shopify Parallax. It is integrated with the most attractive function enhancing visual. Designing in a different style, plus special layout helps you to define a modern, fashionable look and glamor image for your shop.

Parallax Shopify Theme

18) Symmetry

The Symmetry theme suite includes all 4 responsive presets; Beatnik, Chantilly, Salt Yard & Duke, for one price, including a full-width slideshow, 3 homepage scrolling collection rows, grid & stream views on collection pages, Google fonts, live search, multi-level nav/menu & every row on the homepage can be placed in any order.

Symmetry Shopify Theme

19) Testament

Testament is a responsive fashion theme with uncompelled assortment layouts that shows three, four or 3 plus Sidebar on Collection pages. Homepage Slideshow, collections, video, and product carousel and a large content area for some additional enthusiasm!

Testament Shopify Theme

20) Blockshop

The Blockshop theme boasts spacious layouts, block colors, bold typography with a minimal user interface that ensures trends with simplicity and style. Content is divided into large customizable blocks giving you the freedom to adjust layout, color, typography and UI elements to represent your brand with boldness and clarity.

Blockshop Shopify Theme

21) Atlantic

Atlantic has it all: mega-navigation menu, homepage slideshow, and tons of space for featured content. With four handcrafted presets, this responsive Shopify theme is flexible and user-friendly—not to mention stunning.

Atlantic Shopify Theme

22) Vantage

Vantage Responsive Shopify Theme offers an exceptional shopping experience for desktop and mobile customers with its adaptive layout. Amassing over 600 theme sales in 4 months this theme treats your customers to a truly special website. With 4 Great Presets, the Vantage theme is a favorite among Shopify store owners and one of Shopify's bestselling themes.

Vantage Shopify Theme

23) Fashionopolism

The Fashionopolism Theme was first introduced as a Shopify theme in 2011 as a static eCommerce website template. Groundbreaking at first launch Fashionopolism developed the first theme to present zoom on hover images, product tabs, collection page image flips and numerous other functions now obtainable across a gathering of other themes.

Fashionopolism Shopify Theme

24) Mr Parker

Mr. Parker is a Responsive theme that adapts to desktop, tablet and iPhone browsers. Packed with multiple collection layouts, product page image zoom and an array of easily enabled homepage elements the theme offers your customers an exciting and current feel with a great all round online shopping experience.

Mr Parker Shopify Theme

25) Expression

The Expression responsive themes are designed for eagle-eyed web designers & store owners. Created to work automagically on laptops, desktops, iPhone, iPad & more, with an affluence of sole functionality & comprehensive customization options, without any coding know-how.

Expression Shopify Theme

26) Startup

The startup is a modular theme built specifically for single-product stores. It can also easily handle bigger catalogs, thanks to its powerful mega-navigation, while its four beautiful presets and full responsiveness will look sharp on any screen.

Startup Shopify Theme

27) Sunrise

Sunrise is a unique Shopify theme. You can easily change the whole look and feel of your site including colors, typography, graphics etc. It's packed with awesome features.

Sunrise Shopify Theme

28) Masonry

Masonry is a feature-packed responsive Shopify theme with a dynamic slideshow and improved product & collection display options. Main features include excellent typography and option for customers to personalize products.

Masonry Shopify Theme

29) Grid

Grid's elegant masonry features let you tell a story and tailor your store for every sale and season. Fully responsive and perfectly integrated with Twitter and Instagram, there's no wonder it's one of our best-selling Shopify themes.

Grid Shopify Theme

30) Envy

Another minimal theme for Shopify is Envy. This professional template is ideal for selling high fashion products and accessories. Envy has an awesome homepage slider and has Promotional Boxes for showcasing featured products. The product page in Envy supports social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Facebook commenting is enabled.

Envy Shopify Store

31) Editions

Editions theme doesn’t rely on fancy animations or CSS3 effects. Everything about is efficient simplicity. It has expanded multi-level dropdown menu navigation so the Product Catalog is easy to browse. Editions also offer 1-click Add-To-Cart hover button to individual gallery product images.

Editions Shopify Theme

32) Providence

Providence is a feature-rich, completely responsive Shopify theme that looks beautiful on all screens, from phones to desktops. Let your customers enjoy its clean, user-friendly design as-is or tailor it to your liking through the extensive array of theme options.

Providence Shopify Theme

33) ShowTime

ShowTime is a highly flexible and feature-rich responsive theme suitable for any store. It features a fully customizable homepage layout, three unique header styles, mega menu support, product quick view, advanced product filtering, product video support and much more. It comes with two beautiful presets that will make your products stand out.

ShowTime Shopify Theme

34) Icon

The Icon Shopify Theme is packed with a wide array of features that empowers Shopify Store owners to create unique & compelling shopping experiences with ease.

Icon Shopify Theme

35) Showcase

A unique theme suite for Shopify. Perfect for start-up boutiques, artisans & craftsmen. Showcase your product images full-screen - featuring overlayed multi-level menus, full-screen product galleries, retina ready graphics and a simple but versatile set of settings to help you customize your store.

Showcase Shopify Theme

36) Focal

Focal is an elegant, modular, and fully responsive Shopify Theme. It's flexible, user-friendly, and really easy to configure. It offers a lot of features like an enhanced slideshow, ultra-customizable homepage, infinite scrolling on collections page, an awesome search with real-time auto-completion, the marketing module, promotion popup, newsletter module, integration with Shopify Reviews app, color swatches on collection pages, size chart on product pages.

Focal Shopify Theme

37) Pacific

Pacific is an eCommerce juggernaut designed for large inventories. Totally modular, its front and product pages are easily rearranged, its mega-navigation system is customizable, and it's fully integrated with social media.

Pacific Shopify Theme

38) Alchemy

A gorgeous theme suite for Shopify. Packed full of features out of the box to maximize the potential of your products. Featuring a parallax header, retina ready graphics & row ordering - the options to style your store are endless.

Alchemy Shopify Theme

39) District

The district is a unique multi-purpose responsive theme for businesses, artists, and app developers alike. District is great for showcasing app or product features in a clear and interactive way, leaving visitors with a lasting impression.

District Shopify Theme

40) Kingdom

Kingdom is a responsive theme with a creative layout, featuring a complex sidebar navigation area, grid collections with large thumbnails, unique galleries and product pages, fancy effects, and lots of options, with three handcrafted presets.

Kingdom Shopify Theme

41) Canopy

Canopy is a fresh, super-customizable & versatile theme. The homepage is built using rows of specific content, which you can turn on and off individually, & control the exact order they appear in. Including cool setup options for mega menus & collection headings, Canopy caters for the discerning store owner no matter the size of your inventory.

Canopy Shopify Store

42) Cypress

One of our simplest and most flexible themes, Cypress's slideshow, header and front page are fully customizable. Its minimalist design is enhanced by infinite color options, striking web fonts, and a sweet custom drop-down menu.

Cypress Shopify Theme

43) Weekend

The weekend is a responsive, mobile-friendly Shopify theme that features a full-width grid layout, with the option of full-bleed images for an image-rich feel throughout the site.

Weekend Shopify Theme

44) Pipeline

Purchase Pipeline and unleash an experience that is as good on a phone as it is on the web.  Offer memberships and sell digital products right out of the box with our app store integrations. Let your products shine in a meganav drop-down menu that adapts to the size of your screen.  Pipeline is the perfect theme for your store.

Pipeline Shopify Theme

45) California

California Theme is a retina display ready template, that works great on mobile and tablet devices. It's focused on simplicity, providing the user with just the right amount of information on each screen. Ideal for selling any type of product, its design layout allows users to easily find and navigate through all your products.

California Shopify Theme

46) Kagami

Kagami is the ultimate theme for small to large shops. With its unique, completely automatic Masonry feature, your products will shine like never before. Moreover, this theme is packed with the most advanced features: auto-completion search, built-in integration with Shopify Reviews app, Instagram/Twitter support.

Kagami Shopify Theme

47) Colors

Colors is a fun and playful Shopify Theme that makes your products shine on any device — tablets and phones included. Providing very intuitive navigation, it has great optional features such as product slides, product previews, and related products. Colors are very easy to setup and is backed by a great support team in case you need any help.

Colors Shopify Theme

48) Mosaic

Mosaic is a responsive theme that comprises 8 homepage modules that you can mix and match to give your storefront a unique look. Features include: a hero slideshow, a customizable mosaic display, multiple featured collections on the homepage with quick views, an Instagram feed, Mail chimp-integrated newsletter signup, 3 unique product page layouts, and custom About/Contact page options.

Mosaic Shopify Theme

49) Label

Label is a theme built for stores that sell a small number of products, but can adapt to stores with a large range of products. Designed for musicians, creators and publishers - Label includes a highly customizable homepage with up to 9 modules including Single Feature Product, Full Screen images, Instagram and Tours and Events. Label is responsive and looks great across tablet and mobile.

Label Shopify Theme

50) Sugar

Sugar is a boutique Shopify theme designed for any size of a catalogue. It displays your products efficiently with just the right amount of friendliness. Live search and custom filtering make it easy for customers to feel right at home.

Sugar Shopify Theme

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