Top 7 Best Product Review Apps for Shopify Stores to Boost Sales

Top 7 Best Product Review Apps for Shopify Stores to Boost Sales

The digital era is filled with lots of opportunities, only you have to grab it at the right time otherwise someone else will utilize it. In a highly competitive environment, there are so many ways that can help eCommerce stores to get the market share they deserve.

Customer reviews are one of them!

Maintaining quality brand awareness on all digital platforms can help you get amazing customer reviews that could easily influence the buying journey of new customers.

However, this can backfire as well if not strategize properly.

Why You Need Site and Product Reviews

Customer reviews play an important role in making brand authentication on all social media channels. Let’s look at why reviews are important.

Increase Traffic

Do you know Google indexes product reviews? Yes, this is true. Their crawlers with the help of algorithms read product reviews and make them visible on the search result page. So by getting more product reviews, you can improve the number of keywords where your product ranks on Google.

Search results display particular products, with reviews and links directly to the product page.

Increase Conversions

Customer reviews have a notable impact on whether or not a customer buys a product from a particular store. If an eCommerce store doesn’t have product reviews, they will fail to gain the trust of customers and then they will go elsewhere to find preferred products.

If you have a collection of reviews on your site, customers will be more likely to buy from your store. AiTrillion allows you to automatically ask customers to review your products within a fixed time from their purchase.

Obviously, you don’t want to ask too early because they won’t have had enough time to enjoy the benefits of the product. Asking for reviews is one step in a series of post-purchase emails.

Let’s get started right now!

7 Best product review apps for your Shopify store

1. Loyalty, Reviews, Email & more by AiTrillion

Say goodbye to tons of apps- A simpler way to grow your store.

Best product review app for your Shopify store

Product reviews: Photos, videos & testimonials

Collect more product reviews on auto-pilot with automated emails, web push and integrated loyalty program.

  • Automated review request emails, web push
  • Display widgets (carousel, sliders, floating button)
  • Google rich snippet
  • Q&A form
  • Review management software
  • Automatic product review reminders

Pricing plan: $49 - 30 Days Free Trial



2. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Beautiful Product Reviews, Photo & Video Reviews and Referrals

Best Shopify Product Review Apps

Reasons merchants choose Loox

Read why Shopify & Shopify Plus merchants use Loox to boost trust, drive word of mouth and referrals, and increase customer retention and sales.

1. Collect more reviews, photos and videos

Loox gathers authentic product reviews by using smart and customizable review request emails.

  • Schedule by delivery time or order status
  • Offer a discount for photo / video reviews
  • Send review request reminders
  • Photo / Video reminders for text reviews
  • Send review requests up to 3 months back upon install

Pricing plan: $9.99/month + $5 for Loox Referrals (Optional)



3. Product Reviews

Product reviews with free photos & videos for social proof Product Reviews helps you collect and display star ratings and reviews about your products and Shopify store. Social proof from reviews and other user-generated content like photos and videos increases your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement. Our photo and video reviews are free!

Grow with

We are a full-featured review app that is truly affordable. With unlimited orders and request emails included on all plans, you never have to worry about limits.

We have review widgets and emails (Avis, Bewertungen, Reseñas, Avaliações, Recensioni, Vurderinger, Отзывов, 评价, 구매후기, レビュー, 구매후기) in 34 languages by default. You can also customize your customer facing texts.

Our 24/7 customer support team will help with setup and basic customisations (widget design and position) so our widgets fit seamlessly into your store.

Pricing plan: $15/month



4. Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews

Review App to collect reviews by Email/SMS & Reviews Importer

Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews

Ali Reviews - Shopify Reviews App & Conversion Solution

No matter what type or size of the store you run, Ali Reviews helps you to collect and display reviews, turns reviews to become the most effective marketing material, and level up your conversion rate.

Read how Ali Reviews helps Shopify stores to grow their business

1. Beautiful review widgets that make your brand shine

Extensive range of eye-catching widgets with templates to showcase reviews on any pages without any effect on store speed

  • A modern review widget in many layouts (list/grid/carousel) on the Product page to get customers a clear idea of the product before buying it
  • Carousel slider on Homepage to build visitor’s awareness about your brand, keep them on the page, increase the possibility of purchasing
  • Cart page widget shows reviews from in-cart products to sync shopping experience from seeing to thinking, interesting & purchasing

Pricing plan: $49/month



5. Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

Product Reviews, Photos, Amazon/Aliexpress Reviews, Q&A, UGC

Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

Most of the consumers buy products after reading online reviews. Rivyo app is build up with amazing features to boost any store sales & make online shop worthy.

Let's highlight freshly added powerful features.

  • Import Reviews from Amazon and Aliexpress.
  • Track Email Request status like Sent, Delivered, Opened or Clicked

A closer look at our application:

  • Display reviews with many product reviews & customer images. An app is also allowing a customer to ask any pre-sale questions about any products.
  • The dashboard will display day to day real-time reports. It will give clear information about how many reviews added today. The admin can see total published/unpublished reviews & total published/unpublished questions.
  • Automatic send mail after fulfillment of order. Pre-ready attractive email templates are also available. Additionally, You can customize the mail text & email template.

Pricing plan: $15.99/month



6. Fera Product Reviews App

Beautiful product reviews, photo reviews & video reviews

Fera Product Reviews App


Beautiful, yet simple product reviews

Fera is an easy reviews app for Shopify with customizable review widgets that look beautiful from the start.

10,000+ stores just like yours are using Fera to maximize reviews to build customer trust without compromising their visual brand.

Start using Fera to manage, show and grow your reviews!

1. Manage your reviews easily

  • Import reviews from Facebook, Google, Etsy and more!
  • Receive & moderate new review submissions
  • Reply to all your reviews

2. Show reviews beautifully

  • Great-looking product & store review widgets
  • Customer photo & video review gallery widgets
  • All reviews page that shows all your reviews (including Facebook and Google)
  • SEO-optimized to show reviews Google Search and Google Shopping results

Pricing plan: $29/month



7. Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC

Product ratings, reviews, photos/videos, UGC, Q&A, feedback.

Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC

What is Okendo?

Okendo is a customer marketing platform and an Official Google Reviews partner that helps brands capture and showcase high-impact social proof such as product ratings & reviews, customer photos & videos, and Q&A message boards.

Who is Okendo for?

Okendo is for high-growth consumer brands such as Netflix, SKIMS, Thermomix, and Bali Body that want to elevate their marketing efforts with the power of reviews and social proof.

What does Okendo do?

  1. Generates high-quality reviews & UGC - A mobile-first approach maximizes content generation and ensures users have the best possible experience.
  2. Collects valuable zero-party data - Gather customer data, attribute ratings, and photos/videos, then segment based on this customer-provided data.
  3. Increases consumer trust - Establish brand credibility and product confidence by displaying customer reviews on your site.
  4. Accelerates buying action - Encourage more conversions by providing an interactive experience for your shoppers.
  5. Integrates with your tech stack - Use your existing tech while leveraging an army of integrations.

Pricing plan: $29/month



Summing Up

Getting authentic customer reviews and identifying the best approach to leverage them to drive sales is quite difficult, but it doesn’t have to be twisted.

Powerful features of Reviews, you must use on your store.

  • Collect reviews from various ways like post-purchase emails, web push, forms, and popups.
  • Display reviews with customization like size and fit.
  • Review widget to display reviews.
  • Optimize your review content and increase your traffic and rankings.
  • Streamline product questions and answers.
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