Why Shopify Plus is better for Big Sellers?

Why Shopify Plus is better for Big Sellers?

There is a myth spread in the online marketplace that Shopify is only suitable for small or medium-sized businesses. I am sure, you have heard that Shopify is for “mom and pop shops” and while that’s not wrong — it’s half of the story. It’s true that Shopify is known as the best platform on which to create and manage an eCommerce store, but it’s not just for small or medium-sized businesses. With Shopify Plus, high-growth, high-volume merchants are also growing and thriving on the platform.

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Shopify Plus is an enterprise version of Shopify with expanded resources that are not available to normal Shopify store owners. Designed to accommodate high volume merchants who require more access, power, and features, Shopify Plus will give your online store an edge. Shopify Plus provides enterprise business capabilities, at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise applications. With the ability to integrate without limitations, and access to "Plus-only" advanced APPS, Shopify Plus allows merchants to brand better, run faster, and grow bigger.

Some of the reasons why Shopify Plus is better for big sellers are here:-

1) Complete Hosted Solution

Unlike traditional self-hosted platforms like Magento Enterprise or SAP Hybris, hosted solutions like Shopify Plus are considerably more trustworthy because the solution is continuously monitored and upgraded to make sure maximum robustness and efficiency. The platform lets you sleep easy knowing your site would not go down, and your customers will always have a fast, enjoyable experience. Shopify’s true SaaS approach drives down IT hardware and labor costs to a fraction of traditional infrastructure expenses. With Shopify Plus, you get to focus on managing your business, not IT.

2) Dedicated Account Management

Shopify Plus offers an exclusive layer of services and expertise dedicated to growing your business. With dedicated account management and support, the platform is always working to help you not only run your store but improve it. You will also be provided a project manager to assist in building the right network of integrations that connect all aspects of your business. All of this comes with priority technical support from Shopify to assist with the issues that you just can’t figure out.

3) Unlimited Bandwidth

Shopify Plus can handle whatsoever your business throws at it. Whether it’s Black Friday, a big flash sale or just the normal high order volume of your successful store, we want your business to succeed. The infinitely scalable Plus platform handles thousands of transactions per minute, so your site stays up and running and customers always have a fast and enjoyable browsing experience. And because there is no limit to sales volume, a number of products, bandwidth, and no transaction fees you can keep growing on Plus without worrying if your eCommerce software can manage it or if you are going to be taxed for your success.

4) Fully Customized & Integrated

Each merchant is unique, and Shopify Plus allows merchants to have complete control over the look and feel of their website, allowing them to define the layout, content and branding in any way they like. Also, Shopify Plus can enhance a store’s capabilities by offering thousands of professionally built apps at exclusive prices in the Shopify App store.

Businesses can also connect their store with existing IT platforms to create a seamless, integrated solution using the Shopify Plus API. That includes any ERP, CRM, and accounting systems, plus other software you might be using. And if that isn’t enough, Shopify Plus has a fleet of hand-picked, expert designers, developers and partners who can create custom experiences or personalized features on the Shopify Plus platform. So whether a business needs an award-winning design, custom features, or a far-reaching social media plan, Shopify Plus provides enterprise merchants with the support they need.

5) A Multi-Channel Platform

Shopify Plus allows businesses to sell online, in-store with Shopify’s POS system. Furthermore, Shopify Plus facilitates enterprise sellers to sell effortlessly across social networks like Facebook and Pinterest guaranteeing maximum reach for their products. Lastly, Shopify Plus accepts over 70 different payment gateways, which include Bitcoin and PayPal, allowing stores to sell in various languages and multiple regions. This capability to meet customers whenever and wherever they are is critical for any business looking to expand their clientele and find new customers. It drive customer engagement, boost sales, and enhance brand awareness across any channel you need.

6) Advanced Reporting & Technical Support

The advanced reporting and analytics capabilities of Shopify Plus, supported by Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics engine, helps online retailers see further and understand customers better. In addition to this, businesses on Shopify Plus receive instant access to Shopify’s 24/7 support service with the Shopify Plus priority support phone number and email address.

7) Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Servers

Shopify Plus is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, which means that customer data — including credit and debit card information — is protected by the same level of security offered by banks. From annual on-site assessments to continuous risk management, Shopify Plus makes sure that their shopping cart software and eCommerce hosting is protected from hackers and fraud. With this, the online buyers are assured that their personal details are safe and projected. Additionally, the business also rests easy as they know their website would not crash.

To Conclude

While Shopify will always be a great solution for small and medium-sized businesses, Shopify Plus is redefining how high-growth, large volume merchants purchase, implement, and manage their eCommerce software. Shopify Plus gives customers all the power, without the headaches.


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