5 Useful Plugins to Fight Comment Spam for WordPress

5 Useful Plugins to Fight Comment Spam for WordPress

I am sure you all are aware of the disasters of Spam. Blog spam is not new to anyone and many articles have already been written on to it. Still there are questions frequently asked about “What is the best strategy to avoid spam comments?”  For starters let me throw light on the definition that has been given in everybody’s preferred website i.e. WikiPedia -

Spam in blogs (also called simply blog spam or comment spam) is a form of spamdexing. It is done by automatically posting random comments or promoting commercial services to blogs, wikis, guestbooks, or other publicly accessible online discussion boards. Any web application that accepts and displays hyperlinks submitted by visitors may be a target.

How to Fight Comment Spam:

There are several plugins that have done a wonderful job for professional bloggers like us. We would like to share them with you:

1. Akismet

This outstanding service have been constantly helping thousands of bloggers fighting blog spam. It’s not only available for WordPress; instead it is even broadened for various other platforms like Drupal, Movable Type etc.  There are no reasons for not suggesting it to any WordPress users.

2.  WP-Spam Free

It is well known as an Extremely Powerful Anti-Spam Plugin!  It is that powerful that it actually makes your blog protected from all the comment spam. This plugin is even infamous for making use of extra resources from server. If you get a lot of traffic on your blog and experiencing lots of spam comment than you should not think twice before using this plugin.

3.  SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam

It’s another very useful plugin that helps in fighting over the spam on blogs. Moreover it not helps in fighting blog spam but is very effective automated registrations and automated contact form submissions. This plugin bring into play a familiar trick of fighting comment spam i.e. CAPTCHA authentication.

4. Bad Behavior

This script is specialized in fighting spam bots. It’s not specific to WordPress; it can also be used in other content management system. It is very light on servers and is greatly applicable on plethora of CMSes.


This service is used by thousands of website for fighting spam bots. The service can be without difficulty incorporated in a WordPress blog with the aid of this plugin. Here’s what is said about digitizing the books part .

While the world is in the process of digitizing books, sometimes certain words cannot be read. reCAPTCHA uses a combination of these words, further distorts them, and then constructs a CAPTCHA image. After a certain percentage of users solve the ‘unknown’ word the same way it is assumed that it is the correct spelling of the word. This helps digitize books, giving users a reason to solve reCAPTCHA forms.

I hope that you'll find these  5 Useful Plugins to Fight Comment Spam for WordPress useful and keep you blog spam free!

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