5 WordPress Plugins For Enhanced Image Handling

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

Images and photos hold a very important part of almost every successful blog these days. Readers find it interesting to read a content which has got supporting images that goes with the content. There are many people uploading images in their blog in a very interesting and unique manner, and if you want your WordPress blog to stand out you need to do the same thing. Below are a few solutions to all your image/photo problems, as they are the best plugins around.

1. jQuery Image Lazy Loader WP Lazy Loader is the best plugin for those bloggers who wish to upload lots of images in their blog. Instead of loading all the images at once on a page, which takes considerably a long time, Lazy Loader loads the images at the top of each page first and continues to load images further down as the user scrolls downwards.

2. Frontpage-Slideshow It works exactly as the name suggests: this plugin lets you to create a professional slideshow on the front page of your WordPress blog. Every picture will be clickable, and will lend you to its related post. Transitions between slides are faded to look extra sleek. This plugin does exactly what its name suggests: it lets you create a professional slideshow on the front page of your WordPress blog. Each picture is clickable, leading you to its related post, and information about four different slides can be displayed at a time. Transitions between slides are faded to look extra sleek.

3. NextGEN Gallery NextGEN is the best WordPress plugin for gallery and something which you shouldn’t miss out. It’s comprehensive, with an easily reasonable back-end. It does almost everything that you expect from a gallery plugin, it comes with a Flash slideshow option and looks very professional.

4. WP Photo Album Wp Photo Album is made specifically from the point of view of the blogger. With WP Photo Album you can easily create and manage your photo albums, it also provides features to move images between albums and adjusting the size of thumbnails and full view pictures.

5. Flickr Photo Album If you frequently upload images to Flickr before transferring it to your WordPress blog, this pluging will make your work a lot simpler. All you need to do is simply select Flickr photosets and display them as galleries on your blog, which will customize to suit the look and feel of your site. It provides great widgets which lets you to display your latest Flickr photos in your blog’s sidebar. I hope you have been benefited from reading this blog, and have come across some new features of the plugins.

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