How to Significantly Progress Your WordPress Blog’s Comments?


The main criteria for bloggers is to bring maximum amount of traffic for their blogs in spite of everything counting of pages are easy to quantify and useful too if you are looking for advertisers. On the other hand many bloggers think that gathering these figures is not significant; rather it’s important to organize a community around the blog. The first footstep for creating such a community is to gather high quality comments. To provide you with a direction here are few key factors to bear in mind. If you can think of something else please put forward in the comments below….

Engaging Readers through Content The most important step you need to do is engage your viewers with your blog content. Uninteresting content will not produce any comments, regardless of how many plug ins or theme hacks you put into practice on your blog.

Ask Open Questions- Usually people like to give their opinion and express their views to share their knowledge on specific topics. You must give them a chance to express their views by asking open questions like, “What do you think of designing a website from web designer?” or “Which software would you recommend for invoicing and why?” you will definitely get many interesting feedbacks and comments from this.

Write Controversial Articles- This will definitely generate many comments but be delicate. If you hold a strong point of view on any topic be bold and write about it. Being that said you must not be avoiding or make each and every post of yours controversial. You know your limits to avoid any lawsuits.

Managing Comments You must be very alert for spam and control your comments. The following should be helpful with this.


Reply to Comments: You must encourage everyone who leave a comment and they appreciate recognition. It will increase the likelihood of future relations with readers. This way you will connect with your readers in a better way.

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