Requirement of WordPress Hosting for Starting Your Blog

Best WordPress Hosting WordPress hosting requirement is not something which should be a matter of concern to you always. If you want to be the in charge of your blog than hosting it on the WordPress .com service with third party sponsored ads, it is greatly suggested to spend some money on a quality hosting.

WordPress hosting requirement at a glance

Thankfully there are majority of hosting services which can easily meet the WordPress hosting requirements. Here is a list of basic requirements (extract from WordPress official site):
  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater
  • (Optional)(Required for MultiSite) Apache mod_rewrite module (for clean URLs known as Permalinks)
Apparently a simple webspace cannot be used with merely a static html support. Wordpress is written in server-side language that permits interactions between server and end users. Very often if you find a hosting company that supports PHP and MySQL, it will assure the WordPress hosting requirements. For WordPress hosting suggestions, adequate webspace and bandwidth are necessary to run WordPress blog efficiently. The script itself does not go beyond 10MB, but if your site is made to be rich in graphics, you may want to have adequate space to host images. You can also use dropbox service to host your media.

WordPress Hosting requirement for specific plugins

There are certain specific WordPress plugins which will need some additional WordPress hosting requirements such as cron-job and htaccess support. Make sure that you do check for the server prerequisite for the plugin When selecting a suitable hosting service, you may judge on the basis of the following options:
  1. Shared Hosting: most affordable option if you plan to build a single site
  2. Reseller Hosting Plan: allow you to have multiple websites with separate control panel
  3. Dedicated Server: highest degree of control over server usage, but also the most expensive
So are you still looking for a hosting plan? You can refer to this link
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