Top 5 Coffee WordPress Bloggers You Need to Follow for 2013!

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Finding coffee blogs is actually quite difficult. The truth about the blogging biz is it tends to fizzle just as quickly as it starts. You can find a million blogs that have been started and stopped without leaving too much of a mark. Of course it is still fun to go back and read the postings on Chemically Imbalanced or Meet the Press Pot but you won’t find any new material. These five coffee blogs are going strong and should keep brewing all the way through 2013.   That Other Coffee Blog For a truly international feel on the coffee statement being made around the world, is a great blog and often has interesting photos to go along with it. You can check out the original archives on “That Other Coffee Blog” and appreciate the new, more image heavy format currently being used. You will learn all about coffee, new developments and how Norwegians feel about the little caffeinated bean. Create Shopify Store

The Brown Coffee Company This little coffee blog is packed with so much information you will have a hard time spending only a few minutes there. From tips on keeping your machines in perfect order to tips on what to buy to tips on the coffee beans themselves, you will find the information presented in a fun and useful way. There is nothing you can’t learn and this is just the start of the coffee learning process. The more you know about coffee and the process, the more you will fall in love with each cup you consume.

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Crop to Cup Coffee Blog This is a blog for the world traveler or those who like to live voyeuristically. The way the blog is laid out you will see small blurbs of information below gorgeous pictures. You can then expand out the blogs you are interested in to get a more detailed description of what is going on. You will learn all about coffee from the minute it is planted to the time it reaches your cup. The knowledgeable team puts together the minutiae in the most interesting and compelling way.   Shot Zombies This is a fun little blog that will point you in the direction of great coffee and great reading. You can log in to find all the latest reviews on coffee equipment, videos on how to properly work with coffee and even enter a few competitions. It is easy to read and even easier to follow. You will find that you might need this blog every morning as you drink your cup of Jo.

Create Shopify Store This is a fun, comedic blog. Think The Onion but for coffee lovers. The silly stories and funny takes on today’s news will have you in stitches. This is a great morning paper blog without all the seriousness and tragedy of the real newspaper or the frivolity of the “morning shows.” It will quickly become a morning addiction.

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