WordPress Forum Plugins

WordPress Forum Plugin

WordPress forum plugin are designed to effortlessly integrate the entire features of a forum into WP blogs. Forums are the best way in building a social community and increasing membership based websites. A well made WordPress forum plugin efficiently helps in driving fresh and informative content on to your website via its local members. As a result of which, generated content acts as a influential stimulus for getting organic search traffic. At present there are many forum plugins for WordPress which can address your entire specific needs you may have for incorporating a forum into your WordPress site.  Here a list that outlines some of the best WordPress forum plugins available.

Simple:Press – this one is the best WordPress forum plugin solution available on the internet. It has been out there since years and holds a loyal following, and is well accepted by its community.  Simple:press offers many cool features and you can very easily customize it according to your needs. Simple:Press completely combines with standard WordPress user profiles and logins in addition to BuddyPress profiles. Other distinguished features consist of private messaging, post ratings, user rankings and badges, topic subscriptions, private and public forums, support for popular WordPress plugins, image and file upload tool, several skins and icon sets, and much more.

bbPress –  this is one of the best forum plugin available. It was quiet easy to setup and customize. As it has the support of Automattic, the development of this WP forum plugin has unluckily declined. As the support was very limited for this plugin, which meant that if you face any problem you will have to face it on your own.

phpBB Recent Topics –  it is one of the most admired open source software solutions for creating a forum but it doesn’t hook into WordPress. If you favor the phpBB software but you still want to combine it with your WordPress blog, than this plugin is exactly the right choice for you. Its Recent Topics plugin lets you to simply display a list of the most recent topics from your phpBB forum directly on to your WP site via any post, page, or text widget.

Wp2BB – this WP forum plugin characterizes another way to connect your phpBB forum to your WordPress site. Like other plugin it requires bringing forum to your blog, Wp2BB automatically creates new topics in your phpBB forum whenever you create a new article on your WP blog. It also has a handy widget that can be utilized to display recent comments created by forum members. WP Forum Server – it’s a forum plugin for WP that provides with a complete forum system into your WordPress website. It is more like a matured forum as compared to the other solutions which are liable to look more like micro- forums when they are put into practice. Additional features of this forum plugin contain several translations, customization options, skins and some basic statistics for your forum.
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