WordPress Tips When it comes to blogging, there is no enhanced software to use than WordPress. WordPress is a frequently updated blogging package which allows even the beginners of computer users to set-up and updates their very own blog. WordPress software is designed in a way that it’s not very easy to use but it can easily be modified and you can be creative with it too. Here are five WordPress tricks and shortcuts that will craft your blogging experience enhanced, easier, and more efficient.

1.This is accordingly important for your SEO purpose and ranks as a top tip no matter who you speak to.

Beginner bloggers usually go through this. You just created a carefully planned post, published it and then observe it assigned an unattractive URL that ends in “p=145 or something like that. You need to change it if you wish Google and other search engines to respect your site. Go to the options section and select on “permalinks”. Select custom permalinks and then type in “%category%/%postname%” (minus the quotation marks) as your innovative permalink structure. This will place the name of the post or the name of the category goes after by the name of the post in the URL.RL.

2.Next,if you’re confused for something to write about, do a Google News search using the keywords or function of your blog.

You can take up a news event and expand on it with your comment of what you believe of that. Don’t just do a straight news recap as this will be seen by your audience as poor content. They can get news from anywhere. By giving your personal regards will make it more interesting.

3.Another great tip you can use with a WordPress blog to help keep people from leaving your site involves the Error 404 page.

Most WordPress themes have an Error 404 page for when there is an error in a URL. For this you will need to edit the 404.php file, which can be contacted from your WP Admin Control Panel. Try to put a humorous message or apology for the missing content.

4. If you’re using WordPress and want to make your blog a “do-follow” blog,

It means that you can pass on the Google page rank to the links from your blog, for that you can install one of the various do-follow WordPress plug-ins available. There are many of them accessible and they can either be found through a search engine or through the WordPress site itself.

5. Repeated and regular postings will increase your page rankings.

A great tip is to write blog post ahead of time, after that you can either save them as drafts or change the post time stamp option to a date and time in the future. This will enable you to use those blogs them at your leisure whenever you need them. The supremacy of the WordPress blogging platform is great as its flexibility offers for many tweaks, tips, and tricks to be used. WordPress is so easy to use that you might possibly have tips and tricks to use while blogging yourself, and you don’t even realize it yourself.

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