• Launch Affiliate Program in Minutes
  • Manage Accounts Signed Up for Affiliate Program
  • Multilevel Affiliate Tracking & Assign different commission to different level of Affilaites

Most Affordable Affiliate App Available on Shopify. Request us if you need any customization and we can upgrade the feature on the app.


We have expertise in customized B2B solutions. If you are looking for any custom code solution as per your business and related to Affiliate or MLM Software then please contact us and we can provide you best solution on top of the features already available in this app.

Affiliate marketing is the fastest method to increase sales and explode your profits when selling products or services online. An affiliate program is an automated advertising system that will promote your products or services around the clock. Affiliates will join your system, promote your products and your website will get more traffic. Once customers come through the affiliate link and use the coupon codes that affiliates share to buy products, affiliates will get commissions based on a specific rate.


In details, the standard version of Affiliate App helps you to:

1. Set up commissions, discount and payout requirements

With our Affiliate module, you can choose the commission type to be fixed or percentage and easily add the preferred rate. Besides, you can differentiate commission/ discount levels of the first order and following ones.

2. Manage Accounts Signed Up for Affiliate Program

We offers you full control of referrals. You can easily add, remove, enable or disable affiliates and edit preferences in “Manage Account”. Going to each account detail page, you can easily change information as you wish. It is also simple to view information of affiliates.

3. Manage links and banners

If you want a website or blog to be your affiliates, banners and link will be the best choice. You can upload banners (image/flash) or create text links for your affiliates to easily get and share. Or they can use the source code to post in website, forum… After clicking on “Edit” button or directly on a specific banner, you will be able to edit that banner in its detailed page.

4. Refer Friends

If you want your own customers to become your affiliates, this App affiliate add-on software can meet your requirement! Affiliates can share links through email or social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) in the most convenient way. Moreover, affiliates are allowed to customize the personal link as per their requirement.

5. Transaction management

Affiliate App gives you the ability to access relevant information of an affiliate's transaction like order number, products, commission and discount. It is extremely easy to monitor, review and filter transactions.

6. Withdrawal management

In admin panel, you can comfortably configure and control withdrawals of affiliate accounts.

7. Tier Commission

First, the affiliate refers a link and gets a friend sign up to become an affiliate. When the second affiliate succeeds in selling a product, both he and the first affiliate can get a commission. This App allows you to set the number of tiers, commission amounts and commission types for different tiers.

8. Direct Link

Affiliate Direct Link Tracking allows editing the format of normal affiliate link to be shorter and friendlier. It also helps affiliates register for a domain or web-page to show banners without any difficulties. Visitors will no longer be able to realize affiliate links easily, thus they will click more.