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In the festive season, the most important festivals are Black Friday Cyber Monday. It not only refers to holiday craze but also proves as a great business opportunity for online entrepreneurs. According to statistics, last year i.e. people spent approximately $3 billion on online shopping. This includes nearly $1 billion of mobile sale only. Black Friday Cyber Monday basically refers to holiday craze. Also, at the end of every year, some products hit the market. So, let’s know what products pick up the steam and are huge hit on Black Friday. If on this festive season, you too want to set your online business apart from other businesses and want to take advantage of emerging trends then, discover the unique opportunities with keen observation and research. We already put our efforts to uncover the trendiest products for your online store for this Black Friday and presenting it for you. The products we are going to describe about are trending upward on internet. But it is highly recommended that before selling anything online, you must find out the market demand and potential of any product in market place. Let’s enjoy the details of these best product ideas for Black Friday Cyber Monday:

Best Product Ideas For Black Friday Cyber Monday

If you are the one looking for some stimulation for this Black Friday? If you are the one searching for the unique, best and perfect product idea to launch a business? You are the one trying to build your current catalogue? Then, check out the list of trending products.

1. Liquid Phone Cases

Phone case is a popular product. In modern scenario phone is emerging as a basic need of us and therefore they become an extension of our personalities. If we talk about Liquid phone cases, then it is a unique take on a phone accessory. The backs of these cases are filled with a gel-like liquid. This slides around as the phone moves and provides exciting possibilities for new designs. Designers are converting liquid phone cases into unique, exciting and fresh pieces like beer mugs and aquariums.

2. Waterproof Phone Cases

Poolside activities certainly needs waterproof cases and so they are popular too. Waterproof cases not only protects the devices from water damage but also provide customers with durability.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers are hit last year too and will remain gain a hit for this holiday season too. It shows that customers want to carry the music they love, wherever they go.

4. Fairy Lights

These small, white LED lights are capable enough in adding a glittery glow to any space, whether indoor or outdoor. These LED lights can light up anything from your bedroom to restaurants.

5. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are the cute and quirky accessories. These can be attached to almost everything, whether it is you denim jackets or laptop bag. You can put up or we can say accommodate, Enamel pins with any design including brand logos, and strange illustrations.

6. Rechargeable Lighters

Rechargeable lighters are in trend because of the rise of vape and e-cigarettes culture. The rechargeable lighters are the alternatives to traditional lighters. They are flameless, and fuel less, and powered by lithium ion batteries. They are charged with USB cords or charging docks. The lighting mechanism is a portable version of a car’s cigarette lighter.

7. Dad Hats

Dad hats are the latest, but rebirth of 90’s fashion resurrection. Shopify store owners can print these structure less, hats with custom designs with the use of on-demand fulfillment services like Printful (this is a app which is available in Shopify App Store). If you the one who is already selling apparel or your online apparel store is in planning phase then, dad hats are a must-have for your business.

8. Smart Fitness Watches

Strange but true that 40% of US customers are highly interested in purchasing smart watches. Also, among them, almost half of them, wants to use it for health and fitness purpose. Thus, the opportunities exist for small players too, other than big players like Apple and Fitbit. So, you can also think to get in to the wearable tech market.

9. Phone Power Banks

Interest in power banks has steadily risen over the past few years. The portable batteries of the Power banks can be charged in advance, proves an added advantage from customer’s perspective.

10. Charcoal Face Masks

Activated charcoal is one of the hottest beauty trends. It is an ingredient found in most of the cosmetics nowadays, but face masks have arisen as one of its most current and famous applications.

What Is Your Black Friday Cyber Monday Plan As An Entrepreneur?

So, what you are going to do as entrepreneur? Go and choose one of idea from the above mentioned product ideas and turn it into a Black Friday Cyber Monday success story.
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