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Magento VS Shopify

I usually work only on Magento because of its extensive features and flexibility to set up an eCommerce store. I recently had some great experience with another eCommerce platform – Shopify. So it was fun to figure out how to set up a storefront on another platform. I quickly discovered why small businesses are preferring Shopify over other...

Know why Shopify is considered as Best platform among All Ecommerce Platforms

Are you planning to launch your business online? And looking for the best eCommerce platform that help you in creating an awesome webstore plus assist you in bringing huge traffic to your store? Well if so, then there is no other better platform then Shopify. Shopify has been in the trend since its commencement in 2004 and now become the one ...

9 best ways to optimize the product pages of your ecommerce website

In present times, Ecommerce is one of the fast growing business. Many people have invested and succeeded in this kind of business venture. With less capital and maintenance, it can provide you a high sales return. For one to be successful in this business, proper planning and methods must be done. One of the most significant part of creating you...

Migration of ecommerce platform for better services and sales- PART 2

Migration of ecommerce platform requires certain very important consideration. In part 1 of Migration of ecommerce platform for better services and sales, we highlighted stability of domain name, security layer checks i.e. SSL certification, data migration and automatic setup for shipment, accounting and payment procedure. Now the next four impo...

Know why Shopify is better than Magento GO

Years ago, if you were looking for an e-commerce website for your company, you would be faced with assembling a team of web developers to build you something from scratch. But in present days and age, there are numerous great platforms available for small and medium sized businesses that make them capable to better serve their customers. Two of ...

Amazon is Going to Shut Down Amazon Webstore Services - July 2016

  Yes, you read it right, Amazon Webstore is going to shut down Webstore services in 2016. It’s really a bad news for all business owners, who are currently selling on Amazon webstore. Amazon Webstore is no longer open to new applicants and will be completely discontinued at the end of June next year. No Official Reason till Now No official r...

How to Develop Custom Ecommerce Store ?

If you want to start Online Jewelry Store or Fashion Store, then Check our best Fashion Store and Jewelry Shop designed. We use Shopify, Magento and Amazon Webstore as a major Ecommerce Platforms for all this ecommerce stores.   Online Fashion Store in Magento Jewelry Ecommerce Store in Magento Online Hand Bag Store in Amazon Webstore Se...

Facebook & Shopify Team Introduces “Buy” Call-to-action Button

Last year, Shopify team been working closely with the team at Facebook to create a solution for Shopify vendors to promote and sell their products using Facebook’s “Buy” call-to-action button. This feature helps consumers purchase products they discover in their News Feed or on Pages without having to leave Facebook. A small group of Shopify ve...

How to Develop a SEO Friendly Store with Shopify Development?

Shopify is an immense technology for web development. Websites that have developed using this technology can fascinate more users and develop good rating in the search engines effortlessly. You can create an exceptional website with lots of features and functionalities if you hire a professional Shopify developer with great technical skills.  D...

How Responsive Shopify Themes Is With Google Wallet?

Most traffic to online stores now comes from tablets and smartphones. The issue is that many of these buyers don’t end up checking out from their mobile device. This can lead to unrestricted shopping carts and less orders. That is the reason, we have been working closely with Google to build and assimilate Google Wallet with responsive shopify ...

How to Sync Sales of Shopify Store with Intuit QuickBooks Online?

Merchants can now keep their store orders and account in sync by connecting their Shopify account with QuickBooks online. With the latest QuickBooks Online app for Shopify, business owners can save a lot of time by avoiding manually downloading and tallying order information, and devote their extra time in growing their business and brand. How ...

Is Shopify good for developing online store? Pros and Cons

Selecting the right ecommerce platform is one of the important decisions for starting an online shopping store. The right ecommerce platform should match the present and future needs of your online shopping store. You should consider  all the pros and cons of an ecommerce platform and compare it to your online shopping store requirements. Is S...


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