How to Convert One Time Buyers into Your Lifelong Customers?

How to Convert One Time Buyers into Your Lifelong Customers?

One time buyers are those new people who buy from your store occasionally like when you start any seasonal offer or sale. They just came to your store, buy what they want and then forget about your business. So, if you want to convert these kind of buyers into your lifelong customers, then you need to make efforts to keep them interested in your products and services.

Converting these buyers into repeat customers will truly benefit your business. Whenever the seasonal offers and sale gets over, you first priority is to try to attract these buyers.

In this blog, I am going to share some effective ways that will help you to convert one time buyers into lifelong customers:-

Develop Your New Relationship via Email

Email is the best ways to stay in touch with your customers, but how will you develop relationship with new customers with the help of email? Let me help you. Try to send the first email that have the introduction of your business and about the products and services you are offering. Don’t send the first email immediately after they buy your products. Wait till the sale and offer ends.

Developing relationship through emails keep the customers more engaged with you. With this, they will most likely not going to forget about your business and become more accessible to future promotional emails.

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Here are some email ideas you can give out, after your first email, to encourage new customers and keep them involved:

Educational content: Send your informative blog posts into your emails or create content in your emails that assists and educates people that are interested in your niche.

Engaging content: Educational content would not suit every niche or business. Instead, you can nurture your customers with content that is engaging or entertaining.

Customer stories: Your customers have exciting stories about your products and their lives that your new customers can relate to. Tell their story to aid your new customers relate to your brand.

Content Curation: You don’t need to create original content to keep clients engaged with your brand through email. Share useful and interesting resources from internet into one email.

Brand culture: Like your first welcome email, your emails can continue to tell your brand’s story and share your cause and mission. If it helps customers get zealous about your brand, it can help one-time customers begin to recognize with your brand, too.

Go beyond Customer Expectations

Most of the online shopping sites do nothing to attract the new customers. You can also treat the new customers like this, or try something new to catch the attention of those buyers. If you will not pay attention to the buyers, they will also see your business as only a seasonal sale and offers destination. If your business is more memorable, it can begin to build a valuable relationship. It’s all about having incredible customer service.

Here are some ideas to go beyond the expectations of the customer, after the seasonal sales:-

Follow-up “thank you” email/note:

Try to send a personalized and meaningful thank you note email to each and every customer individually after the sale is over. This will sound crazy. Automation also works here but the magic you can see after sending individual mails will not be created in automation. If you truly wish to be noticeable, take some time out and customize the notes.

Follow-up coupons, gift cards & discounts: A simple way to get people back to your store is to offer them a coupon, free gift card and discounts. This might be enhanced a few weeks after their purchase to attract them to come back.

Be active rather than reactive: Most businesses look forward to customers to have an issue or question before offering assistance. Your business can stand out by being proactive. Ask your customer if they need help assembling your product, ask if they have any questions, and ask what their experience with your product has been like so far.

Provide fast service while every other business allows themselves to get overwhelmed: The holiday season creates more customer support requests than any other time of the year. In place of allowing it to slow you down, work to halve your response time during the holidays. Hire a temporary support person, enable live chat on your website and have your phone on you to quickly respond to emails.

FB message /Tweet new customers: Not all brands engage on social media with their customers after their purchase. It’s not always possible, but if you are small or ask your customers to use a hashtag or Tweet you with an image of their purchase, this will provide you an opportunity to engage with your customers and make them feel special.

Re-Engage Customers with Retargeting

You should consider placing a Facebook advertising pixel on your website if you have not retarget visitors that reached checkout. This keeps you engaged with your new shoppers and facilitates you to continue to build a relationship and maintain brand awareness outside of just your website and email list. You don’t need a crazy budget either.

Here are some ideas for Facebook ads you can create for your custom audience of seasonal buyers:

New product announcement: If you have added a new product to your store that seasonal buyers would likely be fascinated in learning about, create an ad letting them know.

New sale: If you are running another offer or sale on your store, it might be a good idea to help customers that took advantage of a sale earlier, about this new sale.

“Comeback!” discount/sale: If it becomes tough for you to catch the attention of seasonal buyers, offer them a coupon. Something along the lines of “Have you checked us out recently?” or “We haven’t seen you in a while” with a coupon offer can work well.

Your Turn

 These are some best tactics you can use year-round to create a remarkable relationship with your customers. However, it does take so much time and resources to do it so using festivals or occasions as a starting point is a great idea as this is when new buyers can come to your store.

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