7 Easy to Get Shopify Features You Might Not Know About

7 Easy to Get Shopify Features You Might Not Know About

As a Shopify store owner, now you are probably getting familiar with all ins and outs of your store. You are getting amply of worth when logged into Shopify, and are capable to see essential information about your business with just a few clicks. But what about those little features that could make your life easier, boost your efficiency, improve store security, and more? Do you know about them?

That is why we wrote this post. Today, we will have a look at 7 awesome and easy to get features you may not know about for your Shopify store.

1) Get Organized with Customer Groups

Do you ever thought what happened if you make different groups of your customers based on their location, purchase history, their account status and so on? I know you never think about customers group. Let me tell you some of the reasons why customers group is good for the store.

 Get Organized with Customer Groups

For example, you can separate groups based on total spends of customer on your store, and perhaps run a promotion based on that. For instance, if a customer has spent over $500, you could send them a special coupon code – or even a thank you letter in the mail.

Furthermore, with customer groups you can distribute groups and send an email marketing campaign to them specifically. If you wanted to email a section of customers that live in a particular location, then notify them of new shipping rates, you have the ability to do that too.

2) Launch a Collection with Future Publishing

Sometimes you will want to publish a blog post, product, page, or collection at a very specific time in the future. Maybe you know you will be launching a fall collection during a live event and won’t have access to your computer at that time.

 Launch a Collection with Future Publishing

That is where future publishing comes into existence.

Future publishing facilitates you to hide parts of your online store till a specific date and time. Your online store will publish the content at the dates and times that you specify.

Want to publish a post at 11:59pm on a Sunday but can't stay up that late because you have work the next day? No problem. Future publishing takes care of that.

3) Make Use of Keyboard Shortcuts

We are all pretty used to with standard keyboard shortcuts on our computers - but did you know you can make use of them in your Shopify admin as well? Keyboard shortcuts in your Shopify admin help you add items such as pages, discounts and products or move between pages.

 Make Use of Keyboard Shortcuts

You will be more fruitful so you can spend time working on rising your business, and less time clicking around. Here are a few examples of the different keyboard shortcuts you can use:

4) Dig through Your Store with Admin Search

If you are a store owner with lots of products, blog posts, pages, and more – this is for you.

Dig through Your Store with Admin Search

With admin search, you can rapidly find details within your Shopify store, from specific orders, customers, and products, to blog posts, collections, and storefront pages. From your Shopify admin, click Search to open the search tool. You can also open the search tool by pressing the S key from anywhere in your Shopify admin.

5) Tailor the Look and Feel of Gift Cards

 If you are on the Shopify Unlimited or Professional plan, you will be able to create gift cards for your store.

 Tailor the Look and Feel of Gift Cards

By default, Shopify produces a standard looking gift card product so that you don’t have to do any graphic design work yourself. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t modify them.

Gift cards are an excellent way to sell more on your store. So, get them set up to match the look and feel of your brand.

6) Enable Two-Step Authentication for Your Store

Enable Two-Step Authentication for Your Store

Keeping your store safe & secure is very essential – and that is the reason two-step authentication is a great feature to empower for your store. It's a lot simpler than you think for someone to steal your password, particularly if you make use of same password on more than one website. With 2-step authentication, Shopify will not give permission to anyone enter your store even if they manage to get your password.

7) Use the Secret Boss Key at Your Day Job

Use the Secret Boss Key at Your Day Job

If you are like some, you are possibly running your online store as a side project. Perhaps even, you spend time at your current job worrying around working on your Shopify store. And that is why this secret boss key is essential. Just log into Shopify and type boss. And just like that, your store will be concealed as an Excel spreadsheet. Yeah, we have got you covered!


Now that we have taken a look at a few accessible Shopify features, it is significant to test them out. So show the way, login to your store and start having fun with them!

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