How To Enhance Shopify Store Performance With Rich Snippets?

How To Enhance Shopify Store Performance With Rich Snippets?

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets facilitate Shopify stores to better promote their content and provide users as much details as possible before they make the decision to click through to a website. You have possibly been informed in one way or another that leveraging structured data that help to boost search engines’ understanding of your website content – this also augments search visibility through rich snippets. This type of structured data is an excellent way to create approachable search engine signals which have an influence on search rankings.

Mentioning your click-through rates is truly worth the while. The superior the search page the result, the superior the click-through rate. It is simple to monitor and in the past, has been one of the main – if not the limited – focus of marketers. In the context of a static and purely link driven search page, this has been the approach that has most made sense… Until now.

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Why are Rich Snippets Significant?

Nowadays, search results have a tendency to hold rich media such as reviews, videos, images etc. This kind of content is worthy for reaching the top of rankings which is what led Blue Nile Research to conduct a study to evaluate which searchers click on rich media outcomes below position 1 vs a non-rich media result in position 1.

These were the results:


Looking at these click results across the 3 scenarios, we can pretty clearly see that the rich media-enhanced result in position 2 has an average of 61% of clicks whereas the same, unenhanced result in position 1 only has 48% of clicks. Then reduced irrelevant and comparatively almost inappropriate is the unenhanced result in position 2 which received 35% of clicks.

Rich snippets enable you to add media to them such as videos and pictures as manifestly, this will get you the best click through rates. Not many other forms of SERP facilitate you have this media opportunity on the front page rankings of Google and offer you the chance to stand out.


Best Rich Snippet Formats for E-Commerce

For each company industry, different formats of rich snippets are most effectual. Here are some structuring instructions for E-Commerce businesses’ rich snippets and things to take in:

  • Limited time offers such as ‘End of the Season Sale’
  • Product availability
  • Product name and price
  • Ratings and review – put up your star ratings
  • Images and videos such as product images and videos of the products
  • Paid product search such as Google Shopping

What Next?

If you would like to enhance rich snippet and media of your Shopify store, enhance your chance of click through rates and will eventually, help your rankings with Google in the near future, climb the ladder of the game and let us sort it for you or would like to know more Shopify updates! Drop us an email at:

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